Report & DB Updates: 2014 - Feb


At least 4 times per year a member of the Think Ministry team will update all MinistryPlatform implementations to ensure consistency across all systems. During this update we make changes to your setup area, database, nightly routines & report server. While each MinistryPlatform implementation has unique customizations, our goal is to ensure each implementation has the same core database objects and reports. On occasion we may also take this opportunity to update stored procedures in use by one of our other applications.

New Features

  • Major changes were made to the Invoices Page. Changes are listed below and they include new columns added, new views, reports, Tools, and more. The primary purpose of these changes is to facilitate researching unpaid invoices and sending people who owe money on an unpaid invoice to the My Payments page of the Portal.
  • Other Households is now a separate page. There has always been an “Other Households” sub-page under an open Contact record, but we have now added an Other Households page listing every association by a person with a household other than their primary household.

Reports Added

  • Selected Feedback Printout: a report to print a page per selected feedback entry with historical feedback items by that contact listed.
  • Feedback Printout: a report to print a page per feedback entry in a date range with historical feedback items by that contact listed.
  • Selected Counseling Engagements: a report to print selected counseling engagements and notes.
  • Counseling Engagements: a report to print counseling engagements between two dates and notes.
  • Selected Invoice Printout*: a report to print all detail associated with one or more selected invoices or selected events.
  • Invoice Printout: a report to print detail associated with invoices between two dates.
  • Donor Household Retention*: A report to show the number of new donor households over time along with the retention of these households as future donors.
*Only users with either the “Administrator” or another relevant security roles can use these reports.

Reports Updated

  • Statement 2 Column Selected: Formatting changes.
  • Planned Contact Listing: Improved logic for including calls assigned to the unassigned caller.
  • Contacts Daily Birthday List: Improved logic so contacts without a participant record may appear.
  • Groups Selected Roster Parent Info: Corrected an issue that would prevent the report from running on some systems.
  • Process Selected Payments: Added audit logging of changes to updated records.
  • Major Donors: Fixed a potential issue that would prevent a donation dated after midnight on the last day of the date range from appearing on the report.

Meta Data (Setup Area) Changes & Additions

  • New Page: Other Households was added to the System Lookups section. Reports & Tools were deployed to this page.
  • New Sub Page: Payment Detail sub-page was added to an open Invoice Detail record.
  • Page Record Edited: The invoices page was edited to have a more complete set of fields in the “All Records” view. The calendar layout view was added. Added the link to the Contact record to enable reports and tools.
  • Invoices page: Added tools and reports to the Invoices page, including the Add a Payment tool.
  • New Views: Added two new views to the invoices page.
    •  "2. Not Paid in Full"
    • “Out of Balance Invoices”
    • “Assign Paid in Full”
  • Sub Page Record Edited: the Invoice Detail sub-page of an open Invoice record was edited. Additional columns were added.
  • Sub Page Record Edited: The Events sub-page record of an open Equipment record was edited to add columns to the grid.  Additionally, a correction was made so the “Add” button would select from the Events page.
  • New Page View: “Fix Make Head” is a view for the Data Quality team showing the oldest member over 18 of a household without a head of house.
  • New Page View: “Fix Assign Participant” is a new Events page view for the Data Quality team showing events where at least one portal registration is still connected to the Default Contact record.

Nightly Routines Added/Changed

  • Data Quality Routine: Suffix will be automatically added to Display Name.
  • Data Quality Routine: Pledge Credit will be assigned automatically provided the donor or spouse has a pledge, the date of the donation is after the date of the pledge, and the donation is distributed to a program connected to the Pledge Campaign.
  • Data Quality Routine: Temporary password sent from Portal’s “Forgot Password” routine will expire after a church defined number of days (7 initially). The “In Recovery” bit will be changed to “No” and the temporary password deleted.

Configuration Settings Added/Changed

  • SERVICES – DaysTillTemporaryPasswordExpires: Defaulted to 7 days
  • SERVICES – AssignPledgesNightly: Defaulted to “True”

General Database Changes/Additions

  • New Field: Pledge_Campaigns ADD Show_On_My_Pledges will ensure only pledge campaigns the church wishes to display in My Pledges appear on that portal page.
  • New Check: Last Name cannot be set to just a comma (‘,’).
  • New Trigger: Event Registration turned off after event is full.
  • Field Change: The field Placed on the Form Response Answers page can now be null.

Lookup Values and System Lookup Values Added

  • New Lookup Value: Residential Facility was added to Household Types

Stored Procedure Dropped & Re-created

  • [dbo].[api_MPP_GetMyPledges]:  Updated to incorporate the new “Show_On_My_Pledges” bit field.
  • [dbo].[ api_coretools_common_gethouseholdfromcontact]: The household associated with the unassigned and default contact is prevented from being returned by the Add/Edit Family Tool.

Last Modified: 4/7/2018

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