Report & DB Updates: 2014 - August

  • A new field titled “Online Sort Order” was added to the Congregations page. When a church sets values in these fields they will impact the sort order of the “Campus” drop downs on Online Giving, Group Finder and other portal pages. (Issue ID #1892)
  • A new page view was added to the Payments page to show any “Out of Balance Payments”. These would be payments where the Payment Total does not equal the sum of the amounts in the Payment Detail rows associated with those payments (Issue ID #727)
  • A new sub-page was added to an open Response record to list “milestones assigned” to the participant. (Issue ID #681)
Application Changes:
  • Renamed the “System Admin” Page Section to “Administration.” (Issue ID #1827)
  • Life Stages, Group Focuses, and Ministries will only appear in the drop-down lists of the Group Finder if they are assigned to at least one active group where “Group is Full” is not “True”.
  • Mission Trip Registration will be allowed even if “Maximum Registrants” is left empty (null) in a Mission Trip Pledge Campaign that is otherwise properly setup for use on our Mission Trip Registrations page. (Issue ID #1844)
  • Removed References to the deprecated table “dp_Selected_Contacts” in various stored procedures. (Issue ID #1867) This change is in preparation for the next MinistryPlatform update. In the extremely rare case that you are part of a church that has custom stored procedures that reference this table, you should have one of your software developers contact to learn the new convention we use.
Report Changes
  • An option to print the donor’s Envelope Number was added to the Campaign Selected Donor Summary report on the Pledge Campaigns page. (Issue ID #1914)
  • The donor’s Envelope Number was added as a column to the Campaign Selected Donor Summary Export Report on the Pledge Campaigns page. (Issue ID #1915)
  • Added an option to select a name format to the Selected Group Roster Plus Family report on the Groups page. (Issue ID #1842)
  • The report titled Selected Event Group Attendance will now allow a user to define a group role that is counted as “guests” for attendance purposes. (Issue ID #1913)
  • The report titled Selected Mail Merge Family Detail will now output the Congregation Name of the Congregation assigned to that household. (Issue ID #743)
  • The report titled Selected Contact Facts now includes an option to exclude pictures. (Issue ID #1845)
  • The report titled Selected Event Registrants Summary was updated to correct an issue when a particular registration had multiple payments. The sum printed was not correct. (Issue ID #1843,#1805)
  • The report titled Selected Contact Attributes now offers a parameter giving the user the ability to omit contact information from the output. (Issue ID #1799)
  • Change the stored procedure in use by three reports to prevent an error due to a new parameter. The impacted reports are: Selected Program Donations (Issue ID #1831), Selected Program Donations Enhanced (Issue ID #1829), and Selected Program Donors (Issue ID #1828)
  • Changed two stored procedure in use by several reports to improve the sort order of Programs Names in the Programs parameter (drop-down list). Impacted reports include, but are not limited to, Find Donors and Donation Analysis. The stored procedure names are report_filter_programs_donations (Issue ID #1849, #1838) and report_filter_programs_donations_multi_stmt_header (Issue ID #1850)
  • The Pledge Campaign Statement and Pledge Campaign Statement Selected reports were updated to show only donation actually credited to a pledge rather than any that were simply given to a program that is associated with the campaign. (Issue ID #1878)
  • The stored procedure in use by the Selected Campaign Summary had a hard-coded reference to the database name which would impact a very small number of MinistryPlatform churches with a unique database name. (Issue ID #1830)
  • The stored procedures listed below had references to dp_selected_contacts table removed.  That table has been deprecated.  There should not be any impact to the reports leveraging these stored procedures (Issue ID #1867)
Bug Fixes:
  • SYSTEM SETUP CHANGE: fully qualified the Event_Title fields in the Default Field List and Selected Record Expression of the Events sub-page record that is associated with the Congregation page. This will prevent a rare error. (Issue ID #1767)
  • SYSTEM SETUP CHANGE: Corrected three page views related to the Activity Log on the Participants Page. These views were causing an error due to the Activity_Log.Participant_ID field which was removed. (Issue ID #1883)
  • SYSTEM SETUP CHANGE: Corrected an issue with the view titled Contact Statistics on the Contacts page which was impacting some churches. (Issue ID #1847)
  • SYSTEM SETUP CHANGE: Removed the field “Local Network Name” from the view titled “Users with Security Roles” on the Users page. This field has been removed in the latest version of MinistryPlatform. (Issue ID #1858)

Last Modified: 4/6/2018

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