Report & DB Updates: 2015-April

Major Changes

Removed the "Delete File" Core Tool
The Delete File Core Tool is no longer necessary as files can be deleted using the little "x" icon within the File panel.

Clear Empty Current/Unsaved selections
A nightly routine will run to remove any empty unsaved selections. This will only delete selections with no records associated with them.

Prevent the unintentional deletion of the default contact records
Triggers were added to Contacts, Donors, and Participants which should prevent the deletion of the default contact records. Attempting to delete these records on purpose or by accident will result in an error. The Combine Contacts tool will not display this error on screen, it will simply pause preventing this undesirable, but rare, issue from happening. 

Report Updates

Enhanced the Event Listing Report
Room List will now show all assigned rooms, AM/PM designation has been added to the times listed, and a new option to show or hide the Contact column has been added.

Enhanced the Household Donation Summary Export Report
We've enhanced the report by adding the age of Head 1 and Head 2.

Enhanced the Selected Group Attendance Reports
Drop-down selection for Programs now allows more than one program to be selected for the following reports:
"Selected Group Attendance"
"Selected Group Attendance by Individual"

Enhanced Three Selected Program Groups Roster Reports
Added an option to sort the reports (Roster, Rollscan, and Multi-Week) by Group Name or by Room Number.

"Finalize" spelled wrong on Donations Selected Create Batch Report
We've updated the report to correct this typo.

Enhanced the Selected Directory - Household Report
We enhanced the parameters for this report by adding a DOB format option.

Fixed the Selected Directory – Household Report
The report was showing MM/DD as the birthday and now shows it correctly as a date.

Fixed the User Audit Log Detail Report
We've fixed this report to prevent it from freezing on some systems.

Updates to Report Stored Procedures

Fixed the Event Selected Setup Form Report
Additional dates were showing up on this report that was not selected by the user and now it only pulls events selected.

Fixed the Selected Household Donation Report
We've updated the underlying stored procedure to prevent the report from freezing when the "Soft Credit" option was set to true.

report_filter_users should return only platform users
We've updated this stored procedure so that only those users with security roles would be returned to the user's drop-down list of the reports that depend on this stored procedure.

System Setup Updates

Change the Contact_ID_Field for Groups Page
We've made a change to the "Groups" page in System Setup-->Pages. The "Contact_ID_Field" value was updated to prevent an error on some systems when sending a message to the contact person of selected group records.

Fix the Duplicate Addresses Page View on the Addresses Page
The page view titled "Duplicate Addresses" on the Addresses page that came with MinistryPlatform was not returning the expected results. We modified it to work correctly.

Fix the Pending Approval Page Views
We've updated a couple of standard page views on the Room Reservations and Service Reservations pages to correct a field name. The "_approved" field was incorrectly listed as "approved" which would cause an error running those views.

Fix view: Current Small Groups on the Groups page
We've updated this standard page view to prevent an error related to a recent change in the data type of the field "Meeting Time".

Improve "Stmt" Page Views on Donors Page
We've improved the criteria for two views to ensure they list donors with giving in the prior year who have not yet given in the current year. The views are on Donors page and are titled: Stmt: Review Deceased Stmt: Address Issue

Remove Deprecated Reports & Tools
The following reports & tools are no longer relevant in the latest Platform. They are being removed from their respective drop-down menus:

  • create participant tool
  • change congregation tool
  • delete files tool
  • deprecated page views report
  • combine contacts report
  • assign donor report - (Donors can be assigned to donations via the Donation Batch Tool or the Assign Donor tool)
  • assign participant report
  • create participant report
  • delete files report
  • inactivate selected contacts report
  • trim selection report
  • transfer or build selection report
  • transfer selection to contacts report
  • User page view error: Contact Assignment Needed

We've made a change to a standard view on the Users page called "Contact Assignment Needed" to remove a deprecated field (Local_Network_Name) which was causing an error on some systems.

Nightly Routine Updates

Sometimes users or applications create an extra donor, participant, user for a contact.
We will update the stored procedure titled service_data_quality to handle situations where one contact has more than one record in Participants, Users, or Donors pages. We will merge those records if they are associated with the default contact. We will split the contact record intentionally creating a duplicate if the contact is any other record in the database. This will ensure that the church has a simple, consistent process for handling this unusual situation. They will use their normal combine contacts process.

Database Object Updates

Improve how recurring donations display on My Giving.
We've corrected an issue with the presentation of recurring donations on the My Giving portal page by making a minor edit to the stored procedure that returns gifts to that page.


Last Modified: 5/12/2018

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