Report & DB Updates: 2015-July

Report Updates

Fixed the Find Donors Export Report
We've updated the report titled Find Donors Export. In certain cases the report would not return the expected results when creating a selection.

Enhanced the Feedback Report 
We've updated this report to prevent a blank page from appearing at the beginning of the report with "*Program Not Specified" listed and no results on that page.

Fixed the Selected Batch Notes Report 
We've addressed an issue with this report's output when "Hide Amounts" was set to true.

Selected Group Attendance by Individual Report 
Fixed an issue with report not producing any data under certain conditions.

Update the Selected Event Summary Report
We've checked each customer system to ensure that the "Selected Event Summary" report does not have a hidden, saved parameter that might impact results. 

Updates to Report Stored Procedures

Optimize query for Campaign Donation List 
We have optimized the report titled Campaign Donation Listing to run faster in large databases.

Selected Background Check Report 
We fixed a problem with "Not Returned" pulling returned background checks.

System Setup Updates

 "Current Reservatinons" is misspelled 
Reservatinons was misspelled in a view on the Equipment page that should have been titled "current reservations". This typo was corrected.

Hide All Platform Users With Filter Clause on dp_Roles Page 
We are hiding a system security role called "all platform users". It is designed to ensure anyone with Platform rights has sufficient rights to the home page tabs. It should not be edited by customers.

Improve the Security Role Stats View 
We've updated the "Security Role Stats" view on the Security Roles page to show if a particular role has any field restrictions.

Two Sub-Pages on All Invoice Detail Page 
We have removed a redundant "payment details" sub page from an open "invoice detail" record on the "all invoice details" page.

Nightly Routine Updates

Deploy Task Notification Message, Config, and updated SP 
We've improved the daily task notification email sent to users. Each task is now a URL the user can click on to go directly to the record. We've added a template into the Messages table as well as a configuration setting so the message can be modified within MinistryPlatform by your church.

Database Object Updates

Address Table Trigger
We've added a trigger to the addresses table that will eliminate the latitude and longitude values anytime address_line_1 is changed.

Assign Donor/Participant handle 0 for any parsed values
We've updated the assign donor and assign participant tools to handle third-party tools that create similar notes to those created by our portal. These tools will not parse the notes unless the third party made them EXACTLY like our notes.

Deploy Latest Form Response SPs 
We're updating the stored procedures associated with the Form Response tool to prevent some columns from being omitted in systems where very large field labels have been enabled.

dp_Roles.Mass_Email_Quota set nightly to 0 
We're making the field "Mass Email Quota" 0 if it is null through our nightly routine.

Extend API Password field in System Setup > Domains/Accounts record 
We've extended the length of the field titled API Password in dp_Domains from 15 to 25 characters.

Increase dp_Tasks.Title to nvarchar(75) 
We've increased the length of the field called "Title" on the dp_Tasks table from 50 characters to 75 characters.

index Form_response_answers.event_participant_ID 
We've added a non-clustered index to form_response_answers.event_participant_id. This should speed up Form Response tool results for systems with hundreds of thousands of records in the form_response_answers table.


Last Modified: 5/12/2018

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