Report & DB Updates: 2015-November

Report Updates

New Report: Audit Log Search (Selected) Report
Administrators will have a report on every page that allows them to perform a search of audit log entries for that record and see changes over time to the record.        

Add Gender to Selected Form Responses Report
We've enhanced the Selected Form Response report by adding Gender when Associated Contact Record is chosen as an option.             

Add Parent/Phone to Selected Check-in Listing Report    
We've enhanced the selected check-in listing report to allow an operator to optionally add parent names and mobile phone numbers to the report output.        
Fix "Other" Amount Column details on Stmt 5 & 6
We fixed the "Other" amount column to show the dollar amount in the detail rows where it was blank on Statement 5 Columns & Statement 6 Columns.

Fix DOB in Selected Form Responses Report that displays "d"
We've modified the Selected Form Responses to display the DOB correctly when Associated Contact Record is chosen as an option.

Fix DOB in Selected Group Family Listing report that displays "d" or "mm/dd"
We've modified the Selected Group Family Listing Report to display the DOB correctly when chosen as an option.

Updates to Report Stored Procedures

Fix age calculation issue in Selected Contact Demographics report stored procedure
We've modified the stored procedure associated with Selected Call List Enhanced to prevent an error with the calculation of the person's age.        
Fix collation error on Statement Headers Drop-down
We've updated a stored procedure to prevent a rare error with Donor Statements that would prevent the statements from running on SQL Server instances setup for a foreign (non-USA) implementation.

Processes, Roles & Configuration Setting Changes

Change Dependent Condition for Household Care Process
We've updated the Household Care process triggered when a check-in note is added so that it will fire even if the note has today's date.        

Add My Subscription Snippet
We've added a new snippet for the new message tool for "My Subscriptions".    

System Setup Updates

New View: "Review: Campaign Donation No Donor Pledge" 
A new view is added to Donation Distributions to assist with locating individuals participating in a campaign by making donations who do not yet have a pledge.  Must be in Data Quality Team to access this page view.        

Fix View: "Last Recurring Event"(Events Page)
Fixed a bug with a standard page view on the Events page titled "Last Recurring Event View".

Fix View: "Online Groups" (Groups Page)
We've fixed a standard view on the Groups page titled "Online Groups" so that it won't error out as a result of Meeting Time having been changed from a date time field type to a time field type.

Nightly Routine Updates

Fix Room_ID error on Service Notification
We've fixed an error on the nightly Service Notification (that sends emails to those who will serve/lead as a reminder).        

Fix Group Attendance Notification Duplicating Events
We've made a fix to the attendance notification routine for group contacts to post attendance. Previously it would create multiple events for groups meeting at the same time. It was designed to create a single group for all events meeting at the same time.

Enhance Group Attendance Notification to exclude past groups
We've updated the group attendance notification so that groups that are end dated will never be considered. 


Last Modified: 5/12/2018

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