Report & Database - Winter 2016

Report Updates

Enhance "Major Donors" Report
We've added Mobile Phone and Email to the Show Contact Info option for the Major Donors report.   

Fix "Selected Group Last Attended" Report
We've modified the Selected Group Last Attended Report to display the DOB correctly.        

Fix "Selected Photo" Report  
We've modified the Selected Photo Report to display the DOB correctly when chosen as an option.  

Report Stored Procedures Updates

Enhance Event Setup Report
We have enhanced the Event Setup report to show events that span multiple days based on the Event Start and End Dates.

Page Layout Updates

Re-order Event Page Fields
We will be re-ordering and organizing fields on the Events page. New fields will be added to the "Notification Information" section. Existing fields will be moved under the new "Accounting Information" section.  Several fields will be moved up to the "Public Website Settings" section.

System Setup Updates

Fix Household's "Waiting On Me" View    
We have fixed the Waiting On Me view on the Households page to pull any possible results if any exist in the system.        
Fix Room Reservation's "Double Booked" View
We have fixed the Double Booked view on the Room Reservation page to exclude cancelled reservations.        
Enhance "Available Rooms" View
We have enhanced the Available Rooms view to allow rooms to be booked back-to-back.        
Fix Event's "Double Booked" View
We have fixed the Double Booked view on Events page to account for back-to-back bookings.        

Nightly Routine Updates

Rename "Temporary Fixes" SQL Agent Job
We're standardizing and renaming a SQL Agent job called "MinistryPlatform.Temporary Fixes" to "MinistryPlatform.MP Quarter Hour". This job will be used anytime we want some database routine to run regularly throughout the day. The first item on this list is the new Registrant Message.        
$0 Donation Distributions Records
We're cleaning up $0 Donation Distributions to ensure reports accurately reflect the number of donations as the $0 amount has no impact on the total of giving. $0 Donation Distributions will be deleted when there is no note in the Distribution record and the Donation is > $0. This will run as part of the data quality routines nightly.
Scheduled Email for Event Reminders *NEW*
We're enhancing the Events page to include two new fields "Days out to Remind" is a field where a user can put the number of days before the Event Start Date when a reminder will be sent.  "Optional Reminder Message" allows the user to overwrite the default reminder message with an event-specific reminder message.        
Sending an Email to Each Registrant *NEW*
We've added a new field to Events called "Registrant Message".  No matter how a person is added to an event with status of "registered" they will get an email with this message if one is applied to this field. A new "Registrant Message Sent" bit field was added to the Event Participant record. A routine will send the email to new registrants every 15 minutes.        
Register Into Series *NEW*
We're adding a new field to the Event record called "Register into Series".  When true, anyone who is registered for one event in a series will automatically be added to future events in the series. Anyone who is cancelled in one event in the series will automatically be cancelled in future events in the series. This will run as part of the data quality routines nightly.

Database Object Change Updates

Fix Foreign Key Relationship
We've added a foreign key relationship between dp_Sub_Page_Views.User_ID and the primary key dp_Users.User_ID.        
Enhance Tool Tip Help Text   
We're adding tooltips (help text) to all fields on the Events page.        

Last Modified: 5/12/2018

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