Report & Database - December 2016

Don't miss the new Donor fields and new Mission Trips filtered page detailed below!

Report Changes

Enhanced Selected Form Responses Report
We have enhanced the Selected Form Response report that is on several pages to default to "All Forms" selected for the "Forms" drop-down as it was previously removed.
(Note: For those not on SQL 2012 or higher, this enhancement does not apply. You do have this report currently available on your system, but not with these enhanced features. If in the future you choose to upgrade your SQL server version, please contact Support and we can add any report enhancements not previously able to be deployed.)

Enhanced Various Reports
We have enhanced over 50 reports by removing references to the deprecated dp_Selected_Contacts table.

Fixed Envelope File Report
We have fixed the Envelope File to only include the Congregation column to CSV when User selects it instead of all of the time.
Fixed Donation Analysis Report

We have fixed the Donation Analysis report so multiple Donations of the same amount are included.
Fixed Donation Listing Report
We have fixed the Donation Listing report to eliminate duplicating Distributions when there is more than one Audit Log created records.

Fixed Selected Deposit - Items List Report
We have fixed the Selected Deposit - Items List report to prevent an error caused by mismatched database names.

Processes, Roles, & Configuration Setting Changes

*NEW* Added Contact and User for MPProfServ
We have added a new Contact and a new User for any custom work requested using Think Ministry Professional Services. Please do not edit these records (see this KB for details).

System Setup Changes

*NEW* Added Field: Always Pledge Credit
We have added a new field to the Donors page that allows the Donor to always get pledge credit for every Distribution of every donation made by the Donor. This will be set on the Distribution nightly by a routine.
*NEW* Added Field: Always Soft Credit
We have added a new field to the Donors page that allows the soft credit Donor to always get soft credit for every Distribution of every Donation by the actual Donor. This will be set on the Distribution nightly by a routine.
*NEW* Added Field: Red Flag Notes
We have added a new field to the Participants page called Red Flag Notes that will allow you to flag any record. For an additional fee, Professional Services can have the green light on the Contacts and Participants page turn red so staff will know that this person has been flagged.
*NEW* Added Filtered Page: Mission Trips
We have added a new filtered page called Mission Trips. Note: This only applies to churches who currently do not already have a Missions Trips page.

*NEW* Reorganized Church Structure
We have reorganized the items under Church Structure for faster reference.

Enhanced the Basic Contact Card
We have enhanced the basic Contact Card by adding additional links and usable data. Note: This only applies to churches who have not made customizations to their Contact Cards previously.  

Fixed Non-Cash Payment Type
We have fixed the Payment Type "Non-Cash" so that no modifications can be made to this specific Payment Type thus IRS rules are not violated. No amounts should be listed on the statements at all for this type of payment.

Nightly Routine Changes

Fixed Register Into Series Routine
We have fixed the nightly routine that registers Event Participants into a series so that table names are not conflicting with the table trigger that turns off Event registrations.

Fixed the Group is Full Routine
We have fixed the nightly routine that runs to set a Group full so records are not displayed.
Fixed the Group Attendance Notification
We have fixed the attendance notification routine for Group contacts to post attendance. Previously it would create multiple Event Groups for Groups or Events meeting at the same time with a different congregation.

Database Object Changes

Enhanced Double Booked Views
We have enhanced our Double Booked views on the Events, Equipment Reservation, and Room Reservation pages to filter out adjacent but non-overlapping Events.

Enhanced Start Date and End Date Fields
We have enhanced the Events page by adding Events.Event_Start_Date and Events.Event_End_Date into the proper Start and End date fields. 

Fixed Event Participants Trigger
We have fixed a trigger on the Event Participants table that was causing deadlock issues during check-in.



Last Modified: 5/12/2018

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