Report & Database - November 2017

Don't miss the new Groups fields, new Household Photo report plus tons of great enhancements related to Background Checks detailed below!


Fixed Selected Background Checks Report
We have fixed the Selected Background Check report on multiple pages to include Expired statuses in drop-down option and Start Date on the report.

Fixed Selected Form Response Report
We have fixed the Selected Form Response on several pages:

  • so canceled Participants can be excluded from the report.
  • wherein some cases it will time out and show no data.
  • to show all records that are selected when pulling from other pages as it does on the All Form Responses page.

Enhanced Selected Batch Notes Report
We have enhanced the Selected Batch Notes report on the Batches page by removing two Show Notes options and adding a drop-down of choices.

Enhanced Selected Contact Demographic Report
We have enhanced the Selected Contact Demographic report on multiple pages that currently had no label on the graph to now have a label called *Unknown.

Enhanced Selected Form Response Report
We have enhanced the Selected Form Responses report by adding an option to show the Alternate Label instead of the Field Label.

Enhanced Selected Household Donation Report
We have enhanced the default parameters for the Selected Household Donations report that is on several pages (except the Household page) so that it will encourage users to limit the date range for the selection. In some cases, a large set of data trying to be pulled in the report can bog down a system. We recommend Users to only run the report a year at a time and not for a huge date range.

Enhanced Pledge Campaign Statement Selected Report
We have enhanced the Pledge Campaign Statement and Pledge Campaign Statement Selected reports on the Donors page by adding an option to include people with Pledges but no Donations to be able to send them a statement as well.

*New* Selected Household Photo Report
We have added a new report called Selected Household Photos on the Households page.

Nightly Routine 

Fixed Care Case Notification
We have fixed the Care Case Notification routine when the From/Reply email is blank.

Enhanced Register into Series Routine
We are now preventing Event Participant records associated with the Default Contact from being added to future Events in a series. The nightly data quality routine that registers Event Participants into future Events in a series will ignore such records until the real Participant is assigned.

*New* Weekly Background Check Status Notification
We have added a weekly notification to inform those users who created a Background Check of the status of all their Background Checks in a single email message.

*New* Last Attendance Posted and Last Group Member Change Fields
We have added two new date fields on the Groups page under Small Group Information (location based on your SQL version) to track when the Last Attendance was Posted for the specific Group and when a member has been changed, added or end-dated. These two new fields are updated during the nightly routine. 

*New* Data Quality Routine for Configuration Settings
We have added a new data quality routine to spot instances when a primary key integer value that is being used as a configuration setting is no longer present in the table.  An alert about this situation will allow a technician to update the value to a value that does exist. This will prevent application errors.

System Setup 

Fixed Background Check Type Page
We have fixed the Background Check Type page that was referencing the wrong Table Name and Primary Key for some MP versions.

Fixed Portal Giving Statement
We have fixed the Portal giving statement to prevent row duplication in a rare case where a data quality issue exists with a Donor associated with a Pledge to which the person reviewing their statement contributed.

Enhanced Portal Giving Statement
We have enhanced the Portal's giving statement so it will now omit Donations that have not been finalized, regardless of the Accounting Company Statement Cutoff Date.

*New* DomainEmailProxy From Configuration Setting
We have added a new Configuration Setting called "EmailProxyFrom" which replaces the "From" value of an outgoing email with a proxy email address to assist with emails going to SPAM.


*New* Background Check Returned: Needs Review Process
We have added a new default Process called "Background Check Returned: Needs Review" that has two steps so that a Background Check that gets returned can get reviewed and determine if it is approved so an approval email can be sent to a staff member.

Database Object 

Fixed Online Donation Matching View
Fixed a bug in Online Donation Matching view on the Donations page that caused an error with certain combinations of data.

Enhanced Background Check Page
We have relabeled the column "Display_Name" to "BG_Check_For". This allows the merge field to be used in templates sent by process steps. We have also added a column called "BG_Check_URL" to the default field list of Background Checks page. This ensures it can be used in a new process step email template.

Enhanced Group End Date Trigger
We have enhanced the trigger that fires when a group is end-dated and all of the participants in the group are also end-dated so that it will only fire when the Groups' End Date field is changed and uses variables instead of temp tables.

Enhanced Fix Make Minor Child View
We have enhanced a standard fix view called Fix Make Minor Child to exclude those Contacts with a Contact Status of Deceased on the Contacts page for the Data Quality Team.

Enhanced Tool Tip Help Text   
We have added tool tips (help text) on several pages. Hover over field labels to see the help text. The following pages were updated: Background Checks, Care Cases, Donations and more!  

Optimize Four System Views
We have optimized three standard fix views (Review Continued Activity, Review Last Activity Date, and Review Recent Activity) on the Participants page and one system view (Review Last Congregation) on the Households page.

*New* Submitted Data Mismatch View
We have added a new view on the Background Checks page called "Submitted Data Mismatch" to help reconcile information from the Background Check to the Contact record.


Last Modified: 5/12/2018

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