Report & Database - January 2018

Don't miss the great report enhancements, new Missions and Attributes pages, and new Fix view detailed below!


Enhanced Selected Form Responses Report
We have enhanced the Selected Form Responses Report that is found on multiple pages to:

  • Include the Export link.
  • Adding the new Balance fields to the Export link.
  • Exclude blank Responses.

Enhanced Selected Donor Donation Listing Report
We have enhanced the Selected Donor Donation Listing report on the Donors page to include the option to add a page break by Donor so details can accompany a statement with multiple designations.

Enhanced Selected Group Family Listing Report
We have enhanced the Selected Group Family Listing report to more clearly delineate any Notes related to the family members.

Enhanced Selected Household Photo Report
We have enhanced the Selected Household Photo report to include the option to omit Households without a photo.

Fixed Selected Form Responses Report
We have fixed the Selected Form Responses report so that duplicate Parents would not be displayed when a form field doesn't have any related invoice data.

Fixed Selected Event Participants List Report 
We have fixed the Selected Event Participants List report on the Events page to filter for the selected Group Role Type.

Fixed Selected Mail Merge: Family Detail Report
We have fixed the Selected Mail Merge: Family Detail report so that the Combined Formal greeting option will appear correctly even if a Contact has a Prefix on their record.

Fixed Journey Participants Report
We have fixed the Journey Participants report to correct a typo.

Fixed 4, 5, and 6 Column Statements Reports
We have fixed an error that says "cannot read next datarow..." on the Donor Statements 4 Columns, 5 Columns, and 6 Columns located on the Donors page.

Fixed Find Donor Household & Selected Reports
We have fixed the Find Donor Household and Find Donor Household Selected reports when selecting the option to "Add Soft Credits".

Fixed Pledge Campaign Statements Reports

  • We have fixed the Pledge Campaign Statement and Pledge Campaign Statement: Selected on the Donors page to pull refunds or reversed payments (negative numbers).
  • We have fixed the Pledge Campaign Statement on the Donors page to return results for more than one Pledge Statement.

Optimized Four System Reports
We have optimized four system reports: Find Donor Household, Campaign Donation List, Birthday List and Selected Household Donations.

Notifications & Routines

Enhanced Group Attendance Notification
We have enhanced the Group Attendance Notification routine with the ability to add future Events for any Group for multiple Event Types/Programs. The Group record must be set to Send Attendance Notification = True and one current Event for the Group has been created (not restricted by one Default Event Type/Default Event Program). If an Event doesn't exist, one will be created using the Default Event Type and Default Event Program.

Enhanced Promotion Routine
We have enhanced the Promotion Routine to reuse the Start Date of the Group Participant in the prior Group to prevent people who are no longer attending from appearing to have re-started their attendance simply because of promotion.

Fixed Registrant Message Notification
We have fixed the Registrant Message Notification routine that runs every 15 minutes to help eliminate errors in some cases.

Fixed Message Archiving
We have fixed the way MP archives Messages by using the Action Status Time (date/time) being over 6 months instead of the template date.

Database Object 

*New* Fix Duplicate Unfiltered Pages View
We have added a new Fix view for identifying Duplicate Unfiltered Pages on the Pages page. This condition can cause various problems and this view will help when troubleshooting.

Enhanced Naming of Fix Views
We have improved the standard Fix views so all are included in the "Data Quality Team" User Group and all are consistently titled "Fix: ".

Enhanced Sub-page Name on User Page
We have changed the name of a Sub-page on the Users page that was called "Impersonate Contacts" to be called "Send Email From Contacts" to add clarity for the purpose of this Sub-page.

Fixed Selections When Impersonating
We have fixed the selections filter when impersonating another Platform User so that the impersonated User's selections show in drop downs and tools.

System Setup

*New* Mission Trip Section & Page
We have added a new Section for Mission Trips along with a new filtered page called "Mission Trip Pledges" and "Mission Distributions" along with Subpages, Views, and Reports. Mission Trip Leader and Administrators Security Roles have rights to this new section and pages.

*New* Group Attributes Page
We have added a new page called Group Attributes under the section called Lookup Values.

*New* Opportunity Attributes Page
We have added a new page called Opportunity Attributes under the section called Lookup Values.

Enhanced Donations and Donation Distributions Sub-Pages
We have disabled the ability to copy Donation and/or Distribution records (from the sub-page) when a Parent page (e.g. Event, Program, etc.) is being copied (for some reason) to prevent duplicate Donation records to be created.

Enhanced All Records View on Configuration Settings Page
We have improved the Default Field List for the Configuration Settings page.

Fixed MobileTools DefaultGroupRoleID Configuration Setting
We have fixed the Primary Key Page for the MobileTools > DefaultGroupRoleID Configuration Setting to correctly look at Group Roles instead of Security Roles.

Removed Deprecated MobileTools Security Roles
We have removed deprecated, duplicated MobileTools Security Roles called DGDashboard, Giving Dashboard, and Prayer Supervisor and leaving correct, current MobileTools Security Roles GivingDashboard and PrayerSupervisor on the system.


Last Modified: 5/12/2018

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