Report & Database - November 2018

Don't miss the 6 enhanced reports, 11 new views, new Message Recap Notification, new Statement Cut Off Date options, and tons more great enhancements detailed below!


*New* Deleted Record Research Report
A new report titled "Deleted Record Research" has been added to the Users page. Use this report to investigate missing records or as a simple way to identify explicitly the records you know were deleted in error that you wish restored by Think Ministry Professional Services.

Enhanced Groups Selected Parent Email Report
We've enhanced the Selected Group Parent Email report on the Groups page to allow the end user to include or exclude non-custodial parents in the output.

Enhanced Selected Labels: 1 Per Family & Selected Mail Merge: 1 Per Family Reports
We have enhanced the [List Contacts Selected] option on the "Selected Labels: 1 Per Family" report & the "Selected Mail Merge: 1 Per Family" report that is on multiple pages to display first and last names of those selected; however, if the Household Name matches the Last Name to only display it once to save label space.

Enhanced Selected Group Attendee Search Report
We have enhanced the Selected Group Attendee Search report on the Groups page so that the Participant Type drop-down will allow you to pick and choose multiple types to include in the search (instead of one or all).  

Enhanced Selected Group Rollscan Roster Report
We have enhanced the Selected Group Rollscan Roster report that is on the Groups page to have an option to group by the standard Group Role Types (Leader, Servant, Participant) or the Group Roles (Teacher, Member, etc).

Enhanced Selected Program Groups Multi-Week Roster Report
We have enhanced the Selected Program Groups Multi-Week Roster report that is on the Program Groups page to have an option to group by the standard Group Role Types (Leader, Servant, Participant) or the Group Roles (Teacher, Member, etc).

Enhanced Selected Event Summary Report
We have enhanced the Selected Event Summary report found on the Events page by bringing back a previous optional parameter called "Result Type" so you can pull Distinct Event Participants.

Fixed Find Donor Household Report
We have fixed the Find Donor Household report so that the Create Selection works when the new Soft Credit flag is set to true.

Fixed Donor Statement Reports
We have fixed the following donor statement reports on the Donors page to adhere to the flag on the Payment Type page to omit amount on statement: Donor Stmts; Selected, Donor Stmts: 2 Col Selected, Donor Stmts: 3 Column Selected, Donor Stmts: 3 Column With Letter, Donor Stmts: By Date, Donor Stmts: By Date Selected.

Fixed Data Quality Report
We have fixed Data Quality Report from 5 char to 6 char for mobile phone number for non-USA churches and a typo in the email description.

Notifications & Routines

*New* Message Recap Notification
We have added a new Message Recap Notification that will send a recap of Message action statuses to the author of a Message Template to see how recipients respond to the Message (Errors, Delivered, Delivered & Opened, etc). These action statuses depend on SendGrid being in use.

*New* Auto Update Accounting Company Statement Cut Off Date
We are adding a drop down option on Accounting Companies to allow you to set your preferred method to automatically update the statement cutoff date. Have the system update this value for you to last month, last quarter or last year.

Enhanced Duplicate Routine
We have enhanced the nightly routine that checks for duplicates for Spanish/Latin characters in the name so the routine can find them when one record has it and another duplicate record doesn't (example Canas = Cañas).

Enhanced Opportunity Response Notification
We have enhanced the Opportunity Response Notification by adding a new field called "Close Responses" on the Opportunity page that will allow all responses for this Opportunity to update the "Response Result" field with "Info Sent" and "Closed" to True as part of the Notification automatically.

Enhanced Group Promotion Routine
We have enhanced the Group Promotion routine by not limiting it to one specific Group Type of Age or Grade Group (Typically ID 4) so that ANY Group Type can promote to another Group when specific settings are set for Age or Date.

SQL Index Enhancements
We have improved Scheduled Index rebuilds by moving to end of nightly routines and added a periodic index check and rebuild for Selections.

Processes, Roles, & Configuration Settings

Enhanced Background Notification Message ID Configuration Settings 
We have updated the Configuration Setting Description for the Background Check Notification Message ID and the Background Check Needed Notification Message ID to include how to turn it off by using a zero 0 as the ID.

Fixed CancelMyEventSubject Configuration Setting Description
We have fixed a typo in the Configuration Setting Description for the PORTAL > CancelMyEventSubject for the word cancellations.

System Setup

*New* Message Stats View
We have added a new view on the Messages page called "Message Stats (50 or More Recipients)" to summarize the number of recipients and what happened with the message including whether it was sent, delivered, opened or clicked. These action statuses depend on SendGrid being in use.

*New* Background Checks Sub-page
We have added a new subpage called "Background Checks" on the Background Check Type page to allow users to see all of the Background Checks related to that specific type and also allow users to add multiple background checks into the system manually.

*New* Tool Tips
We have added field helps for the following pages: Donor Accounts, Feedback Entries, Invoice, Opportunities, Payment, Rooms and others.

Enhanced Changed Events View
We have changed the name of a system view from "Changed Events starting in 72 hours or less" to "Events < 72 hrs OR Newly Created < 24 hrs OR Room Changes" on the Events page used by Facility Staff to have a clearer title of what information about reservation changes is displayed.

Database Object 

*New* Households._First_Donation Field
We've added a new read-only field to Households called 'First Donation".  This date field will simplify creation of views looking for new donors (Donors._First_Donation) who are also the first donor in their household.  This value will be updated nightly by a routine. The related AddLastDonationDate Configuration Setting will be renamed to AddHouseholdDonationDates.

*New* Country Field
We have added a new Country field on the Addresses page as a text representation of the country name in preparation of deprecating the Foreign Country field and standardizing address format across applications.

*New* Background Check Fields
We are adding 3 read-only fields to the Participant record indicating what happened with a person's last Background Check. These will be updated automatically by the system as background check information changes.  A new field called "Is Background Check" (True/False) was added to Background Check Types to ensure rows in Background Checks that are not actual Background checks can be ignored.  Also a new Configuration Setting was added called COMMON > BackgroundCheckNotClearStatus that is a text value that will appear in the background check status of a participant record when ALL CLEAR is set to FALSE on a contact's last background check.

*New* Event_Rooms.__Primary_Reservation Field
We've added a hidden field to the event rooms (Rooms & Groups) sub-page where event room reservations are made. The field is Event_Rooms.__Primary_Reservation. This will allow views and reports to target this field to get back only the most relevant record associating a room with an Event when a Room is associated multiple times with an Event in order to accommodate multiple Groups sharing a Room as is common in some Check In Suite scenarios.

*New* Fix Group or Group Participant View
This fix view will assist with any discrepancies between the Group Participant and Group associated records with the Event Participant record. Best practice reminder that the Group Participant and Group associated records should not be manually added to the Event Participant record as this value is set by registering through the Portal or checking into the Check In Suite.

*New* Table or Chair Counts Over allowed for Room View
We have added a new view on the Room Reservation page called "Table or Chair Counts Over allowed for Room" to assist with Table and Chair bookings.

*New* Configuration Setting Templates View
We have added a new view on the Messages page called "Configuration Setting Templates" to assist with Messages used by Configuration Settings.

*New* Event Templates View
We have added a new view on the Messages page to show what Messages or Templates are being used by Events.

*New* Filtered Pages View
We have added a new on the Pages page called "Filtered Pages" to assist with troubleshooting filtered pages.

*New* Fix: Mismatched People View
We have added a new fix view on the Contacts page to fix mismatched people when their associated Participant, Donor, or User record do not refer back to this Contact or there are multiple records referring back to this Contact.

*New* Opportunity Templates View
We have added a new view on the Messages page that will show Messages or Templates used by Opportunities.

*New* Overbooked Equipment Quantity View
We have added a new view on the Equipment Reservations page that displays any overbookings of Equipment quantities in a given time period.

*New* View Notification Templates View
We have added a new view on the Messages page called "View Notification Templates" to assist with Messages used by View Notifications.

*New* Email Issues View
We added a new view on the All Recipients page under Communications to show Email Errors or Issues, not including missing recipient email address.

Enhanced Equipment and Equipment Reservation Pages
We enhanced the Quantity field on the Equipment and Equipment Reservations pages to be required and the Equipment Reservation page has been re-ordered.

Enhanced Pledge Campaign Logic
We've enhanced the logic for showing campaigns on the Portal's Make a Pledge page. Churches with annual Pledge Campaigns can set the campaign Start Date in the future and start taking Pledges that calculate from that date.

Fixed Available Equipment View
We have fixed the "Available Equipment" view found on the Equipment page to show:

  • the equipment quantity at the time of the Event when opened from the subpage of an Event.
  • the correct number of quantities based on reservations from Events.

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Last Modified: 12/7/2018

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