Reports, Routines & Notifications - June 2019

Don't miss the new Selected Record Expressions, default Global Filters, Activity Log activities, Participant Member Status, Participant Engagement and much more detailed below!


  • Enhanced the Selected Program Groups RollScan Roster on the Program Groups page with the option to show Allergies or not.
  • Enhanced the Selected Program Groups Multi-Week Roster report on the Program Groups page by adding a parameter to show or hide the Last Attended Date.
  • Enhanced the Selected Event Metrics report on the Events page by adding a default sort to each of the three sections (for the Event section, it will sort by Event Title and then by Event Date).
  • Enhanced the Event Listing report to display both the Reservation times and the Event times.
  • Enhanced the Room Use Forecast report that is on the Rooms and Room Reservations page in several ways:
    • The rooms, along with other information like Events, Setup Layout, Chairs, Tables, and notes are all listed just once while Groups are listed together. 
    • A new parameter to show or hide cancelled Events and Room Reservations.
    • Reservations are not broken up between the pages (all information stays together), headers on each page, indents for easier readability.
  • Enhanced Selected Group Nametags: Avery 5160 report located on the Groups and Group Participants pages with a new parameter that can filter by Birthday Month.
  • Enhanced all standard Donor Statement reports to not show Pledge information for Donors with Discontinued/Cancelled Pledges for the selected Pledge Campaign.
  • Enhanced the Selected Group Parent Email List report to display the contact's data (not their parents) if the Group Participant is listed as the Head of Household, Adult Child or Other Adult (e.g. a Leader in the Group).
  • Enhanced the following reports to only show "Active" letters in the drop-down to assist with keeping the drop-down short:
    • Selected Contact Letter (on more than 30 pages)
    • Selected Donation Letter (on Donations and Batches pages)
    • Selected Donation Mail Merge (on Donations and Batches pages)
    • Selected Donor Letter (on Donors page)
    • Selected Pledge Letter (on Pledges and Mission Trip Pledges pages)
  • Optimized the "User Audit Log Detail" and "User Audit Log Activity" reports for better performance.
  • Fixed the Event Listing, Event Setup, and Selected Event Setup reports to exclude cancelled Rooms, Events, Services, Equipment, etc.
  • Fixed the Rooms Available report so that the Group assigned to a room does not show on a different day or time than what was booked.  We also added the Event Title to the description when a Group is not assigned and the room is booked for clarification.        
  • Fixed the sorting option for Gender on the Selected Group Attendance By Individual report located on the Groups page.               
  • Fixed the Selected Group Weekly Attendance By Group report to sort correctly when dates span several months.      
  • Fixed the Selected Household Facts report to display the Contact Log in chronological order.
  • Fixed the Tasks Incomplete report to reference the Tasks Table instead of Page. 
  • Fixed the About this Page report on the Procedures page to show Procedures without an optional Ministry value.
  • Fixed the User Permissions reports so that sub-page permissions are listed properly.
  • Fixed the Selected Event Nametags: Avery 5395 report to truncate long Event names to prevent labels from becoming offset.   
  • Fixed the Selected Label 1 Per Family report to prevent wrapping for longer city names and/or zip+4.
  • Fixed the Selected Family Listing report to accommodate several fields have had their length size made longer in the past.               
  • Fixed the Procedure Manual report to show Procedures without an optional Ministry value.
  • Fixed the Selected Group Weekly Attendance by Group report so that it should include attendance whether Event Groups, Program Groups, or Event & Rooms are used to link Groups to the Events.

Notifications & Routines

  • *NEW* We have added a new nightly routine to track and update Participant Engagement. This was previously known as a "Movement routine". If you have a custom "movement routine" on your system, you can continue using that one. Please contact Support for Coaching if you wish to move from a custom one to the standard one OR you would like customize this new standard feature.
  • Enhanced the Opportunity Reminder notification and the Opportunity Response notification to support the [Opportunity_Date] token.
  • Enhanced the Activity Log as follows: Event Registrations will now have the _Setup_Date field used for Activity Date rather than the Event Start Date unless the participation status is attended or confirmed. We are now activity logging soft credit Donations. We are now activity logging Care Cases.
  • Updated default Message Templates used by routines and notifications to use Church Admin where Default Contact has not been updated to a real Contact for the From and/or Reply To.
  • Fixed the Care Case notification to:
    • Run some certain circumstances where it wouldn't run based on the Date Provided date or time.
    • Show a blank for the Hospital Care "Last Care Date" when there isn't one in the system (instead of showing 01/01/1900).

System Setup

  • *NEW* Added default global filters for the new Congregation Global Filter.
  • *NEW* Added a standard "Active Heads" sub-page view on "Primary Family" sub-page (Contacts page) to assist with emailing only the Heads of Households.
  • *Impacts 70+ pages* Enhanced a variety of Selected Record Expressions to help users. 
    • Selected Record Expressions are the friendly name by which a record is titled and described in MinistryPlatform. This expression is part of the Page.
    • Some records will simply be better titled for the title of an open record or in the audit log. Often the better SRE will help users on the home page when a record is attached to a task.  Finally, these better SREs will help users who are looking for a record using the autocomplete function on drop down lists throughout the Platform.
    • We will not change your page if you already have a custom Selected Record Expression; however, if you wish to have it changed to our new standard, please contact Support
  • Deleted unused and unlikely to be used occupations from the list of occupations that ship with MinistryPlatform. For example, you probably don't have a Yodeler in your church, but if you do we won't delete that item.

Processes, Roles, & Configuration Settings

  • *NEW* Added a configuration setting SERVICES,AddDefaultCongregationID for the SERVICES application to facilitate automatic assignment of the default Congregation to households without a Congregation.  When True, the value to be assigned will be the one found in the configuration setting defaultCongregationID for the COMMON application as part of the nightly data quality routine.

Database Object 

  • *NEW* Added a new table and page called Member Statuses for formal categorization for your church family. For example, member, registered, former member, faithful non-member, etc. Engage a Coach to ensure this list is not redundant with the other lists and that it reflects the categories needed for your denomination or church polity.
  • *NEW* Added a new field on the Participants page called Member Status to assist in tracking membership.
  • *NEW* Added a new table called Participant Engagement for formal categorization of the degree to which someone is engaged. 
  • *NEW* Added a new field on the Participants page called Participant Engagement to assist in tracking the degree to which someone is engaged. For example, Fully Engaged, Observing, Lapsing, etc. Updated by a nightly routine (see notes above).
  • *NEW* Added a new field on the Contacts page called Contact Setup Date that will assist you in determining how long a Contact has been a part of the system and useful in views, view notifications, or custom routines.       
  • *NEW* Added a new field on the Contacts page called Date of Death. Future updates will leverage this field for age calculation and setting from the deceased tool.
  • Fixed several Waiting on Me views to reference the Task Table instead of Page.
  • Fixed a typo in the tool tips on the Event Services record.
  • Removed a deprecated field on the Care Case Types page called Care Group.  If you are currently using this field for any reason, we did not remove it on your system and added a description when you hover over the field.
  • Removed the views related to "Congregations Allowed" or "Ministries Allowed" as these are no longer needed due to the new Congregation Global Filter. Please contact Support if you would like Coaching or Training on how to use the new feature.
  • Removed any custom filtered pages for Congregation/Campus as these are no longer needed due to the new Congregation Global Filter. Please contact Support if you would like Coaching or Training on how to use the new feature or if you would like us to temporarily put it back until you can train your staff on the new global filter.

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Last Modified: 7/2/2019

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