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Big Idea
Big Idea

One of the primary concerns when using the platform is: How do I edit a family?

The Add/Edit Family Tool is designed for just this purpose.
This is the preferred method for adding family members to a Household.

To open the Add/Edit Family Tool for a particular Contact, there are two approaches.

Method 1: Open Record

The easiest is from an open record:

  1. Open the Contact record
  2. Open the Tools dropdown
  3. Select Add / Edit Family Tool

The tool shows the Household of the Contact used to open the tool. At the top is the information common to the Household:

Below the Household information are the Contacts in the Household. The Heads of Household are listed first and others following:

Method 2: In-Tool Search

You can also launch the Add/Edit Family Tool without having a record open:

In the Add/Edit Family Tool, search using the Last Name for the Household. The matches will be filtered in the dropdown as you type:


Last Modified: 12/31/2019

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