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Big Idea

When viewing a Contact or related records:
How do I move between a Contact, Participant, and Donor?

As we covered in Foundations, a Contact record is related to Participant, Donor, and User records where the more specific information is located.


The following is a review of the People Records article in the Foundations:

  • Contacts — All People in your database start as a Contact containing information such as gender, and mobile phone.
  • Participants — A Contact who participates in the Church will also have a Participant record containing participation in Groups and Events.
  • Donors — A Contact who donates to the Church will also have a Donor record containing Donations and Pledges.
  • Users — A Contact who uses any of the platform applications, they will also have a User record containing login and permissions.
  • Households — A Contact belongs to a Household. record containing the physical address, home phone, and Congregation.
    • The Household can also contain other Contacts.


Below you can see the open Contact record for Lane Sloan. There are a series of link icons (): Each link will navigate to a related record.

The first two are found above the Contact Methods and will navigate to the Participant or Donor records. If you have permissions, you will also see a link for the User record. The second set of links shown below belong to the Household members and will navigate to Contacts in the Household.


The Participant record is linked to the Contact, which makes it easy to navigate back the Contact, which is the hub for the other records.


Following the Household links will navigate to the Contacts in the Household. Here we follow the link to Ardath Sloan:

This opens Ardath's Contact record:


Following the same logic, we can use the Donor link for Ardath's Contact to navigate to her Donor record:

Related Records

In her Donor record, you can navigate to specific to specific Donations:

Notice that the Donation record has a link back to her Donor record:

Recent Records

While you are navigating records, the platform keeps track the most recent records you have visited. You can use any of these to quickly navigate back to a record you were viewing earlier.

Happy Navigating!


Last Modified: 1/3/2020

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