Understanding People Records

Big Idea
Big Idea

There are 5 closely related records in MinistryPlatform. They are the primary records.

  • Four represent a person (Contact, Participant, Donor, User).
  • A fifth represents people who live together (Household).

1. Contact

  • All People in your database start as a Contact.
  • The Contact record contains personal information such as gender, birthday, mobile phone, and email.

2. Participant

  • If a Contact participates in the Church, they will also be a Participant.
  • The Participant record contains all the Contact's participation in Groups and Events.

3. Donor

  • If a Contact donates to the Church, they will also be a Donor.
  • The Donor record contains all the Contact's Donations and Pledges.

4. User

  • If a Contact uses any of the platform applications, they will also be a User.
  • The User record contains the Username, Password, and Permissions.

5. Household

  • A Contact belongs to a Household.
  • This record contains the Contact's physical address, home phone, and Congregation.
  • The household can also contain other Contacts.


Last Modified: 12/31/2019

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