Here is some basic Terminology and Acronyms you may hear as a MinistryPlatform church:


The Batch Manager Tool is a MinistryPlatform application that allows you to create Batches of Donations. It features the ability to create Donations manually or with the assistance of a check scanner. It uses state of the art CAR/LAR technology. Batch Manager has a streamlined UI with all your Donation processing details on one screen!


MinistryPlatform's Check-In Suite application uses the newest technology to add valuable functionality to Events. This standalone application includes three sections: Check In Kiosk, Classroom Manager and Admin Console. This suite of tools allows you to quickly and easily manage event check-in, automatically print nametags, add and edit individual and family information, monitor room capacity, manage classrooms, have event attendance automatically communicated to the MinistryPlatform database in real time and much more!


The KB, also known as the Knowledge Base is designed to be an extensive, rapidly evolving, online documentation database with search-friendly articles and videos about every facet of all MinistryPlatform applications available to anyone on your team 24/7. It is written to help you utilize MP to its fullest no matter how you "do" church.


KBA's are Knowledge Base Articles that collectively make up the Knowledge Base - an online documentation database on different MinistryPlatform applications. Articles can contain Videos, the latest Release Notes, Webinars, step-by-step instructions, and FAQs to help you learn about the subject matter and application of your choice. 


MinistryPlatform is a browser-based application that allows you to manage people, events, groups, donations and many other mission critical information categories. This core application is designed to provide the data management tools necessary for data entry, reporting and data extraction, while also providing the flexibility to extend MinistryPlatform to track additional information.

It's also important to remember that MinistryPlatform is one system in many parts. Each part, called an application, works together to ensure helpful and accurate information is added to MinistryPlatform. The Platform is the central application - it's the "work-horse" that does all the heavy lifting and is where all your data is stored. To learn about other applications, change the Application drop-down on the navigation menu at right.


SPoCs are the Single Point of Contact between your church and Think Ministry. These individuals will work to ensure you get the most from MinistryPlatform and will escalate a Support request ticket to us, when appropriate, by sending an email to Support. Your SPoC is not necessarily just one person. You may have separate people designated as User SPoC, IT SPoC and Money SPoC. Every church assigns these differently, and sometimes the same person wears multiple hats.


Last Modified: 12/12/2019

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