Generosity by Lifeway Integration

Generosity by Lifeway Integration
  • Wednesday, January 16, 2019, at 3:30 pm ET
  • Chris Kehayias, Todd McMichen & Megan Christianson
  • Come learn about our new integration with Generosity by LifeWay an online giving solution designed to nurture generous hearts using all six channels of digital giving available to today’s giver (Online, Text, App, Crowdfunding, Noncash, and Events)  while leveraging and updating your MP data!
Video Topics: Generosity by Integration

0:10 - Preliminary comments
2:15 - Background statistics
8:30 - Overview of Generosity platform
13:02 - Special offer for MP users*
13:54 - Q&A

*Updated 2020 Pricing Structure

Lifeway's 2020 pricing structure includes no subscription cost whatsoever!
Purchasers are only responsible for Payment Processing Costs:

  • $20 for an Account and Breach Protection
  • 2.69% + $.30 flat rate across all major CC brands, including Amex
  • Flat $.30 for echeck
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