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MPUG 2016 Resources

MPUG 2016 was an amazing year in Phoenix, AZ.  We are eternally thankful that St Thomas More hosted our event and served in so many exemplary ways.  This page now contains all of the resources that were made available at the event.  If you have resources that should be part of this page, please send them to our support team and we will get them added quickly.

Google Group

Don't forget that we have a very vibrant Google Group where the conversation never stops.  Please don't let MPUG be the only time you connect with others.  All current customers can join the google group.

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Session Descriptions - Day 1

General Track - Lane 1

Guiding the Flock 1: Where can leaders find metrics like counts, attendance, donations, etc., and what does it tell them?

Guiding the Flock 2: What can leaders do with metrics found in the previous session, and how do they aid in pastorcal care and shepherding?

The Joey Show: Want to learn how you can help other churches and help yourself at the same time? Come learn with our newest team member who will show you how use your connections to get great benefits from Think Ministry (Think free stuff.). Warning: You may laugh and have fun during this session.

Making the Most of Your Staff Pages and Feedback Entries: 

Using the IT Help Ticket Page.pdf
Using the Time Off Page.pdf
Using Feedback Entries.pdf

Movement and Assimilation: Examples from the community on how they used MP to support shepherding members of the congregation from first time visitor to fully engaged congregation member.

Click here for the information from Chris Huff at 12 Stone.
Click Here for the information from Kevin Miller at Christ Fellowship.

Portal and Email Customization: How to edit your portal skin and the templates used to send e-mails from the portal to make them look and read more like your church.

Care Cases: 

Care Cases.pdf
Care Cases.pptx

General Track - Lane 2

Nouns and Verbs and Records, Oh My!: An introduction to the basics of the Platform (a shortened version of the on-site training Orientation class)

Searching for More: Selections, Transferring, and Trimming: How leveraging key tools can take even the most simple of searches and selections to the next level of efficiency and usefulness.

Searching for More.pdf

Finding the Needle in the Haystack: This exciting crash course covers the Advanced Search Tool, Beginning SQL, Table Lookups, Subqueries and View Notification.

Working with Views.pdf

My Calls: A case study on how the pioneering church uses the My Calls page of the portal.

Accounting Track

Processing Contributions Smoothly: Want to gain a little more time on Monday mornings? Come learn from other MP Money SPoCs best practices, tips, and tricks for smooth and efficient contributions processing both in preparing donations pre-processing and processing donations in MP.

Processing Contributions.pdf

Communicating With Donors: Want to improve relationships with donors? Come learn various tips and tricks to communicate with donors ranging from general thank yous to tax statements to targeted "asks."

Donor Communication.pdf

Donor Questions/Issue Research: Want to find and make corrections quickly and confidently? Come learn various approaches, tips, and tricks to research donor questions and make any needed adjustments in MP so that they flow through to the appropriate places.

Donor Research.pdf

Pledges and Mission Trips: How to set up and keep up with those people going around the globe and the funds they raise to get them there.

Getting People Into Your Event: Working with event registrations, product options, payments, and promo codes to get people into yur event with the right purchase and the intended discount, without going crazy in the process.


Accounting Round Table: Finally, a place and time where all the money SPoCs and their friends can have the "table" all to themselves to share and discuss items important to their area!

Batch Manager – Say Whaaaaaat?: Come learn about the newest part of the MinistryPlatform family that will replace the DBT and RemitPlus!

Batch Manager.pdf

Development Track

Track Overview: This year's development track will explore the various APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) available in your MinistryPlatform Enterprise implementation. We will spend most of our time reviewing security, overall best practices, and consuming the new REST API endpoints.  After some concepts are explained, the discussion will walk through a sample application which demonstrates these best practices.

Click Here to download the QuickGive Sample App zip file.
Click Here to download the API MPUG 2016 PowerPoint.

Extending Track

Track Overview: All the cool SPoCs want to learn how to extend MinistryPlatform. Imagine the power you'll feel when you can add pages, sub pages, dates, bits, text boxes, and more anywhere you want in mere minutes. Spend the day with us. These sessions build upon one another.

Extending MinistryPlatform.pdf

System Setup Introduction: There are pages in MinistryPlatform only a select few people can see! Learn how to add a third gender to your database or swap out married and divorced marital statuses to confuse everyone. Alternatively, you can use your power and newfound knowledge for good.

Notes are combined in handout for Track Overview.

Creating Filtered Pages: Not sure you trust that new staff person? Maybe you should filter a page and keep them from editing your precious data until they have proven the can make it through their 90-day evaluation period.

Notes are combined in handout for Track Overview.

Custom Fields and Pages: Perhaps you want to track the date when someone last ate your Greek yogurt in the staff lounge. Maybe your church wants to keep track of every member's height and weight. These and other (truly) useful additions to your MinistryPlatform database can be done in mere seconds with custom fields.

Notes are combined in handout for Track Overview.

Custom Pages: Many churches have a cemetery. So how come no ChMS comes with a "plots" page? People may want to pre-purchase their final resting place and you are the one who will save the day with the new "cemetery" section and "plots" page.

Notes are combined in handout for Track Overview.

Where Do Reports Come From?: Each of us asks this question at some point in our lives. It doesn't have to be an embarrassing conversation. Kevin has delivered hundreds of reports and he will lovingly prepare you for your first report. Breathing exercises are included at no extra charge with this session.

Notes are combined in handout for Track Overview.

Change Data with Process and Routines: You probably know the Platform can assign a task or send an email with a process step, but did you know the Platform can cause data to change? Perhaps you have a custom field called "Awesomeness Score" and each time a staff member closes a response you want to increase their score by 1! Perhaps you have an actually useful example we could do in this session?

Notes are combined in handout for Track Overview.

Custom Sub Pages: Many a MinistryPlatform veteran has stumbled on sub pages. What exactly is a many-to-one relationship and how is it different from a one-to-many relationship? If you make it this far in the Extending Track, your bragging rights are assured!

Notes are combined in handout for Track Overview.


Session Descriptions - Day 2

Church Customization Demonstrations


Access Crossroads development on get hub:

Here is the presentation and handout.