Day of Training

The day of training will be on Tuesday from 9–3pm. This is an additional, and highly recommended, day to get hands-on training to level up your MinistryPlatform knowledge.


Cost is $129 to attend
Meals included: Tuesday lunch

All attendees must register prior to the day of training.

If you'd also like to attend the MP User Group, that is an additional $179. Check out the Schedule and Session here!


This year you can choose all-day tracks *or* mix-and-match your morning and afternoon!

MP Beginners – Platform

ALL DAY FOCUS: Come learn the essentials for using MP. This is an excellent track for those who have limited or no experience with MinistryPlatform. You will be walked through all of the essential skills and get a glimpse into how Checkin works.

Advanced MP Users – Selections, Tools

MORNING FOCUS: Searching, selections, transfer selection tool
Come learn about searching basics, and using commas in MP to level up those searches. Then find out how to trim and transfer your selection to do more WITHOUT even having to create your own view.

AFTERNOON FOCUS: Connection Card, Inactivate, combine contacts, fix views
Come learn about the tools that help you do your job. From adding new people and congregation follow-up to data quality aspects like inactivating and deceasing, you will walk away knowing how to best utilize MP to get your job done.

Advanced MP User SPoCs – Views, Charts, View Notifications

MORNING FOCUS: Basic view updating, understanding views for charts
Come learn the basics of the Advanced view creator. This will be the foundation for future charts and notifications. With a good view a good chart can become a great chart.

AFTERNOON FOCUS: Creating Item Notifications and Charts
Learn how to apply good views to charts and notifications in order to really let MinistryPlatform do as much as possible. This course will cover basic chart creation as well.

New User SPoCs – Administration, Users, Security Roles, Training

MORNING FOCUS: Security roles, User/best practice, System setup area
Are you responsible for security roles? What about those other pages in the Administration section? What do those do? Come learn all about the Administration section, from security role best practice to what to do when a user comes on board or leaves. Learn how to utilize the Administration section to administrate MP to the best of your ability.

AFTERNOON FOCUS: Training your users, onboarding users
What do your new users need to know? What are the best practices for ongoing training? How do you determine what to train on? Come learn the answers to all these and more.

Communications/Web SPoCs – Widgets, SendGrid, Twilio, Notifications

MORNING FOCUS: Widget Configuration and Deployment
Learn all about widgets and how to deploy them. Take the mystery out of process. Be sure to have access to your churches website so you can practice during training.

AFTERNOON FOCUS: Send Grid, Twilio, Routine notifications throughout the system
Communicating through the platform isn't just about sending a simply message. Come learn how to utilize the various communication tools throughout the system, such as Twilio, SendGrid, message templates and routine driven communications throughout the system

Finance SPoCs – Special Cases, Corrections

ALL DAY FOCUS: Come learn about all the things that we all do, but may not do often. Soft credits, pledge campaigns and handling non-cash assets are all a part of good finance practices. Learn the ins and outs and best practices of these frequently asked about finance topics.

MP Sponsor/Project Manager – Taking new Territory with MP

MORNING FOCUS: Where should I spend our money? Project management best practices
Every church has a budget, come find out how to best utilize that database budget with MinistryPlatform. Find out how to determine a good project and learn how to best manage that project as it moves forward.

AFTERNOON FOCUS: How our cloud services and dashboards can move you forward
Do you use cloud services? If so, come learn about the aspects that you may not be utilizing. If not, come learn about all of the great benefits you can receive for a small investment each month.

Advanced SPoC – SQL 201

ALL DAY FOCUS: Learn how to take your SQL to the next level. Learn to use some basic SQL functions to make your views do more!