Using RemitPlus with BMT

The Batch Manager Tool offers much of the same functionality as RemitPlus plus additional functionality. For most previous RemitPlus users, using only the BMT provides the same features and actually save steps!
However, if you are choosing to continue to use RemitPlus, please review the charts below to understand the different capabilities of this tool as compared with the Batch Manager Tool. Remember, they are used together. The Batch Manager Tool imports files generated by RemitPlus. For FAQ, see this KB.

Feature RemitPlus Batch Manager Tool
Scan Checks (several scanners) Yes Yes
Scan Blank Envelopes Yes Yes
Scan Numbered Envelopes Yes Yes
Donor Recognition No Yes
Fully Integrated with the Platform No (requires export/import) Yes (application of MinistryPlatform)
Generates ICL File for Bank Yes Yes
LAR/CAR Amount Recognition Yes Yes
Assign/Create Donors No Yes
Assign Mission Trip Credit No Yes
Designations Supported Per Donation 4 Infinite
Can Delete Batches and Donations Prior to export Prior to finalizing batch
Can Add/Delete Donations Prior to export

Prior to finalizing batch

Included in MinistryPlatform No (additional licenses and fees) Yes (included application of MinistryPlatform)

Check Scanner

RemitPlus has different scanner requirements than the BMT. (For BMT scanner requirements, see this KB). For a list of RemitPlus compatible scanners, please contact Support. Your RemitPlus scanner can handle both checks and cash envelopes. You don't need a separate scanner for the BMT and/or for the envelopes. It can be used to scan envelopes that contain cash since those items are not transmitted to the bank.

ICL Files

RemitPlus nor MinistryPlatform talk to your bank directly in any way. Additionally, RemitPlus does not support Canadian numbers on checks.
When you scan checks with RemitPlus you will get have the option to generate two different file types.
  • XML // This file type can be uploaded to the BMT, reviewed, and finalized. Then, it is available in the Platform for reporting.
  • x937 // This file type (also called an ICL file) can be uploaded to your bank for processing. What that looks like varies from bank to bank and is something that you work out with your bank as you transmit your first several RemitPlus test files.


RemitPlus can only support 4 designations (funds/programs). If more are needed, they have to be added once brought into the BMT. We recommend that you assign all your distributions through BMT rather than RemitPlus, as there is no limitation on the number of funds/Programs you can allocate. This also serves to help streamline the entire process. 


User Locked Out
If a RemitPlus User is locked out due to too many invalid attempts, have a RemitPlus User with administrative rights:
  1. Log in to RemitPlus.
  2. Go to User Manager.
  3. Locate the user.
  4. Uncheck the box for “Locked out from too many invalid logins”.
Workstation Installation
If your initial go-live included using RemitPlus, Think Ministry installed Remit Plus on the first station and then walked you through how to install on any additional stations. Think Ministry nor ProfitStars provide installation for additional workstations. If you need to install an additional workstation, navigate to the "RemitPlusShare" folder on your MP server, open the “Client Installation” folder and run the RemitPlusClient.exe installation on the workstation. When doing so, you need to provide your MP server name, but leave the default port.
Exercise caution when editing a Batch produced by a third-party scanning application. Changes made in the Batch Manager Tool only impact data in MinistryPlatform. They do not change what was in your ICL file or external application.

Last Modified: 7/9/2019

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