Adding or Editing Donations Manually


You may enter Donations manually in the Donations list. Click+Add and enter the Donation details. You can speed up data entry by using a check scanner. To add a Donation using a keyboard shortcut, click Ctrl ~.


You may edit Donations manually in the Donations list. With your cursor in the desired field, clear out the populated text, and add the desired details. The Batch Manager Tool saves all changes automatically.


To delete a Donation added in error, simply click the X icon on the far right of the Donation record (after the Env field). If you don't see this icon, click Ctrl - to reduce your screen's zoom.

Important: Changes to a Donation are only saved if you: Move to a new Donation row, Close the Batch or Finalize the Batch. Making a change and then closing your browser, will *not* save changes to the last edited Donation row.

Last Modified: 1/27/2020

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