Add/Edit Family Tool


  • The Add/Edit Tool is your go-to functionality for inputting contact and basic demographic information into MinistryPlatform. It is the one place a user should add or edit a person's or family's record.
  • This single-screen tool creates/updates an individual's Contact, Household and Participant records at the same time.
  • Users have the option to use auto complete address search for adding and editing addresses. To enable, the Configuration Setting COMMON GoogleMapsAPIKey must be configured. See Google Maps API Key. If enabled, the collapsible address fields will default to open (showing), but can be collapsed (hidden) by clicking the arrow below the address fields.
  • Users also have the option to create a Donor record using this tool. You cannot make changes to the Donor record from the Add/Edit Family Tool; if a Donor record is created via this tool, the default values are applied (which SPoCs control in Administration > Configuration Settings).
  • When creating a new Household, the Country will default per the COMMON,DefaultCountryCode and the State will default per the COMMON,State Configuration Settings respectively.
  • When creating a new Contact record, the Participant type will default to the COMMON,DefaultParticipantType. 
  • Changes made with the Add/Edit Family Tool are recorded in the Audit Log of the record where the values exist. For example, if an individual's email address was updated via the Add/Edit Family Tool, the Audit Log of that person's Contact record would record the update.
  • The Add/Edit Family Tool does not remove people from Households; see Splitting Households instead.
  • Standard email domains are supported in the email address field (.com, .org, etc.), as well as newer domains like .church.
  • SPoCs can grant access to this tool via the Security Roles and Tool Permissions.

Using the Add/Edit Family Tool

  1. On any page of the Platform, click Tools > Add Edit Family (note: if you're inside an individual-specific record, launching this tool automatically opens to that individual's information).
  2. Search for the desired individual/family by name or phone:
    • The top 10 search results (if available) will appear and update as you continue to type.
    • If no record matches your search criteria, click Add New Household.
  3. Add or edit appropriate information.
    • The Household Information indicated at the top creates/updates the Household record:
      • Last name, Congregation and Source are required fields.
      • Begin typing the address to start the autocomplete search:
        • Select the desired address. Note: Select an address with a house number and street name; otherwise, the Address will not be saved.
        • The selected address will populate the Address 1, Country, City, State and Zip fields.
        • Click the down arrow to show the individual Address record fields.
        • Click the down arrow to add an apartment, suite or other information to Address Line 1 or Address Line 2.
        • Anytime the autocomplete field gets a new or selected address, the individual Address fields are updated.
        • If previously selected, clearing out the autocomplete field will not remove the individual Address fields.
      • To remove an address, delete the address from the auto complete search field and all related address fields will be removed.
      • If Address 1 is provided, Country, City, State and Zip are required fields.
      • If Address Line 1 field is not provided, the data in any of the following fields: city, state, zip, country will not be saved.
      • Country options are determined by the list of Countries in your System Lookups Countries table (which a SPoC can update).
      • If an Address is shared among two or more Households when edited, a new Address record will be created and other Household's Address would remain unchanged.
      • The Home phone number field can be found and updated here, as well.
    • The Family Member Information boxes create/update the Contact and Participant records for each individual in the Household:
      • The Nickname field auto-populates with the value entered in the First Name field but, if needed, can be changed independently.
      • To ensure the Heads of Household are in the Family Member 1 and Family Member 2 spots, make sure each Head has a Gender marked. They will be displayed with the Male on the left and the female on the right if gender is known.
      • If Family Member 1 and Family Member 2 are married and live together, check the box to indicate so. This creates a "Married to" Contact Relationship if both Contacts have a Household Position of Head of Household (and there is not more than two Contacts in the Household with a Household Position of Head of Household). Any other "Married to" Relationships for the first Head of Household will be End Dated (i.e. erroneous data is cleaned up).
      • If the box is already checked, the "Married to" Relationship already exists. Unchecking the box will End Date the "Married to" Contact Relationship. 
    • Click +Add New Family Member to add additional family members to the Household. There is no limit to the number of family members that can be added to or edited for the Household.
      • If the family member is under 18, there is also a Grade Group drop down that will display all available Groups with a Group Type of Age or Grade Group: 
        • If the Grade Group is correct, you do not need to do anything.
        • If a new or different Grade Group is selected, the family member will be added as an active Group Participant in the selected Group with the Group Role specified in the AgeGroupMemberRoleID Configuration Setting.
        • Note: If the Grade Group is changed, the family member's Group Participant record for all other Age or Grade Groups will not be affected.
        • Note: For this feature to work, your Group Type must be called: Age or Grade Group.
  4. Click Save. The tool refreshes with a blank form to allow you to search again; repeat steps 2-4 as needed.
  5. Click Close.

Video Topics

0:30 - Launching the Tool
0:51 - Adding a New Household
1:13 - Adding Family Members


Q1: When I launch the Add/Edit Family Tool for a Household with only one Family Member, they are listed in the Family Member 1 - Adult position. How do I add other family members in the correct positions?
If there is only one family member, the Add/Edit Family Tool will place them in position 1. Simply add additional family members by click +Add New Family Member and adding the appropriate details. Once saved, next time you launch the tool for this family, any HOH will be listed in position 1 and 2. They will be displayed with the Male on the left and the female on the right, if gender is known.

Q2: What happens to my search term if I click "Add new Household"?
To save data entry, the Add/Edit Family tool, will auto-populate your search term into your new Household. For example, if you search for WATKINS, the new Household's name will be: Watkins. Or, if you search for: WATKINS, JED, the new Household's Last Name will be: Watkins and First name/Nickname will be: Jed.

Q3: Can I add international phone numbers?
Yes. Adding a '+' as the first character in the phone number field will circumvent the phone mask on the field, and allow 15 free-form characters to be added to accommodate international numbers. 

Q4: How can I use the auto complete address feature?
To use the auto complete address feature, the Configuration Setting COMMON GoogleMapsAPIKey must be configured. See Google Maps API Key.

Q5: How do I remove an address?
If configured for auto complete, simply delete the address from the auto complete search field. All related address fields will be removed. Click Save.


Last Modified: 9/19/2019

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