Development Deployment Options

If you need a development or training instance of the platform, we can build one for you as part of our Deployment services.

Secondary MinistryPlatform Instances

Secondary Systems will only built or refreshed as part of the Deployment Services listed below. Standalone sandboxes are no longer offered.
Sandbox System

A Sandbox System is set up to run in side-by-side folders in the production domain. They can be used for training or development.

A Sandbox is eligible for Sandbox Instance Deployments.

The following are not supported in a Sandbox system:

  • Reports
  • CloudTools (Add/Edit Family Tool, etc)
  • CloudApps (Template Editor)
  • BatchManager
  • Need Connect
  • MobileTools
Beta System

A Beta System runs on a separate domain from the production system and supports Cloud applications.

This type of system is required for Developer Instance Deployments, and is also eligible for Sandbox Instance Deployments.

Deployment Services

Sandbox Instance Deployments 

Deployments for sandbox systems exclude some applications. This type of deployment takes place at the same time as production so the two systems are always up-to-date. 

Sandbox and Beta systems are eligible for this service.

More Information: Sandbox Deployments

Developer Instance Deployments 

The Developer Instance is available for beta systems and include all applications. This type of deployment is designed for staggered deployments in which the Beta system receives updates in advance of the production system.

More Information: Developer Deployments


Last Modified: 10/20/2020

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