Accounting Companies


  • The Accounting Companies page is found in the Church Structure folder of the Platform. 
  • Most churches should only ever have one Accounting Company record. This one record is created during implementation and discussed with your Think Ministry Trainer and/or Coach when setting up your system. 
  • Sometimes additional Accounting Company records are appropriate.  Exceptions to having multiple Accounting Company records may be:
    • Additional Accounting Company records should only exist when a church is engaged in supporting a church plant or is running an integrated auxiliary that has separate books from the church.
  • If more than one Accounting Company record exists, it is important to note donations and registration payments can only be designated to one. They can not be split between Accounting Companies.
    •  Also note that getting aggregated data across multiple Accounting Companies would be tricky, as many of the finance related reports require you to select only one Accounting Company at a time.


Impact to Other Parts of MinistryPlatform

The following items depend upon the Accounting Company record:
  • The Portal's My Contribution Statement page.
  • Donor Statement reports found on the Donors page are impacted by Statement Settings on the Accounting Company record:
    • Pledge Campaign: Donors with Pledges to the Pledge Campaign identified here have a summary of their pledge appear on the top corner of Donor Statement reports. Only one Pledge Campaign will show up on Donor Statements at a time.
    • Statement Footer: The legal language entered here appears at the bottom of Donor Statement reports.
    • Statement Cutoff Date: The date set here determines the cut-off date for Donation that appears on the My Contribution Statement page of the Portal.
    • Statement Cutoff Automation: Select a value other than Manual if you want your Statement Cutoff Date updated automatically. Options include:
      • None/Manual: Someone on your staff will edit the accounting company record manually and change the Statement Cutoff Date value manually.
      • Last Day of Last Month: On the 15th day of each month the system will update your statement cutoff date to be the last day of the prior month.
      • Last Day of Last Quarter: On the 15th day of January, April, July, and October the system will update your statement cutoff date to the last day of the prior quarter.
      • Last Day of Last Year: On the 15th day of January the system will update your statement cutoff date to be the last day of the prior year.
  • The ACH File Creator Tool located on the Batches page.
  • Whether or not Non Cash Gifts appear on statements globally. If List Non Cash Gifts=True, then the My Contribution Statement and Donor Stmt reports run from the Platform list non-cash gifts. Non-Cash/Asset Payment Type are set to Omit Amount on Statement = True (this cannot be modified), thus, gifts for the date range appear with no dollar value and don't affect the overall giving total.
  • Ensure all Congregations are associated with the appropriate Accounting Company.

Creating a New Accounting Company

When creating a new Accounting Company:
  1. Use the Add a Company Tool to define the name, email, phone and address of the company.
  2. Go to Church Structure > Accounting Companies > New to create a new record. Indicate the company you made in Step #1 in the Company Contact field. 
  3. Go to Church Structure > Congregations and ensure at least one Congregation has the Accounting Company you made in Step #2 in the Accounting Company field.
  4. Go to Church Structure > Programs to create at least one Program for Events and Donations and assign to that Congregation and Ministry.

Adding a Signature Image to the Accounting Company's Statement Letter

A signature can be added to a Statement Letter as follows:
  1. Save your signature image online.
  2. Copy the URL.
  3. Go to Church Structure > Accounting Company and open the record.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Find the place in the letter where you want the signature inserted.
  6. Click the Insert Image icon.
  7. Paste in the URL.
  8. Click Save.

Last Modified: 2/18/2020

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