Editing Records

Upon clicking Edit on an open record's toolbar, you are able to modify the record. Here are the items to be aware of as you do so.

1. Edit Toolbar

  • Cancel: This action discards any changes and returns to the open record.
  • Save: This saves changes and returns to the open record.
  • Reset: This discards any changes and remains in the Edit screen.

2. Required Fields

Fields required to save a record are marked with a red asterisk (*). In the example above, the Event Title, Event Type and Congregation are required. Whenever you tab through a required field, the field auto-fills with the first available item in the drop-down list (the exception to this rule is date fields).

3. Related Fields

Most records in MinistryPlatform are directly related to other records. In the example above, the Event Type, Congregation and Location are all related records. For editing related fields, see Drop-downs and Pick-Lists

4. Text Fields

Text fields come in three forms: short, long and rich (html). The only difference between short and long text fields is the size of the field. Rich fields are the only fields that support html.
  • Short Text - plain text, single line. html not supported.
  • Long Text - plain text, multiple lines, html not supported.
  • Rich Text - html is supported. See HTML Fields for more information.

Last Modified: 1/8/2020

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