This section covers the various items you encounter as you navigate in MinistryPlatform.
To summarize the navigation experience in MinistryPlatform: You are automatically navigated to your Home page upon logging into MinistryPlatform. From your Home page, you can use the main "Noun" menu to access the various pages of MinistryPlatform. Once on your desired page, you are presented with a Data Grid of records for that page, as well as the main "Verb" toolbar that allows you to take specific actions. No matter where you are in MinistryPlatform, you can access helpful System & User Resources.
Having trouble seeing all the buttons on your screen as you navigate through MinistryPlatform? Your web browser is likely zoomed-in. To zoom-out, either:
  • Hold down the CTRL key (or Command on a Mac) and press once on the minus key. If you still can't see what you need to, do it again. Eventually, depending on how far zoomed in you are, the buttons come into view.
  • Change your screen resolution settings in the computer's Control Panel.

No keyboard shortcuts are available in MinistryPlatform aside from what is typically available in a browser (e.g., copy, paste, print).


Last Modified: 12/18/2019

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