5 Main Records in MinistryPlatform

There are 5 closely-related records which are primary in MinistryPlatform:

  • Contact - Everyone. Holds personal information such as gender, birthday, mobile phone, email.
  • Household - Almost Everyone. Holds information such as multiple contacts, physical address, home phone and congregation.
  • Donor - Anyone who has given money. Holds information such as Donations, pledges.
  • Participant - Anyone involved in the life of the Church. Holds information such as participation in Groups and Events.
  • User - Anyone who creates an account online or those who have right to the platform. Holds username and password.

A person always has a Contact record and a Household record regardless of the entry point of that record into the database. Depending on how a person enters into the database, they may also have a Donor, Participant and/or User record.

Video Topics: Records and Concepts

0:21 - The 5 Main Records in the Platform
3:30 - MinistryPlatform Applications
5:31 - Where Contacts Come From
6:00 - Records Which Are Created

Last Modified: 2/15/2019

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