Creating a New Login Account

In order to access the system, you will need to Create a New Login Account.

Step 1: Browse to Platform

Each church has their own site where the platform can be accessed. You may need to contact your church if you don't know where to access the platform.

Step 2: Create Account
  1. Click Sign Up.
  2. Enter your First Name.
  3. Enter your Last Name.
  4. Enter your Email Address.
  5. Enter your Mobile Phone. Optional. 
  6. Click Create Account.
Note: The directions above are specifically for staff members and volunteers who will be accessing the platform. Churchgoers should create a new account by using the Public Portal. Regardless of where you create your account, you will use this login for all applications in the system.

Step 3: Confirm Your Email Address

You should see a confirmation message on the screen and receive an email within a few minutes.

  1. Go to your email client of the email address provided. 
  2. Open the New User Account Confirmation email. The content of this email can be customized by a SPoC. See Domains and Accounts for details.
  3. Click the verification link. Note: For security, this link is valid for 24 hours.
Step 4: Username and Password
  1. Enter your Username. The field will be pre-populated with the email address provided above.
  2. Enter your password.
  3. Confirm your password.
  4. Click Save.


When you login for the first time, you may not have permissions to do anything in the system.


Last Modified: 1/6/2020

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