Drop-Downs and Pick Lists

Most records in MinistryPlatform are directly related to other records. When two different record types are related, they are presented as a drop-down with pick-list while editing.

In the example above, the Event Type, Congregation and Location are all related records. There are two ways to select a related record: drop-down and pick-list.


The drop-down allows you to select from a list of defaults. This list is usually shorter than the complete list available in the pick-list. If you can't find the item you need to select, use the pick-list.

See Filtering Drop-Downs and Pick-Lists below.

Drop-Downs are always sorted alphabetically to facilitate rapid selection, especially for long lists.

When editing a previous drop-down selection if no value is needed, select (clear) after removing the previous value.

Pick Lists

The pick-list allows selection from all records. The pick-list dialog allows filtering, views, selections and adding records. To open the Pick-List dialog, click the ellipsis (...) button next to the drop-down. 

  1. Search - Use standard search methods to narrow down your list. See Searching, Sorting and Selecting.
  2. Views - Views available on a Page are also available for the Page's pick-list.
  3. Selections - Selections available on a Page are also available on the Page's pick-list.
  4. New Record - A new record may be created if needed, without leaving the pick-list dialog.

Note: You may have to search for something in order for the "New Record" button to appear. This is to reduce duplicate records.

Filtering Drop-Downs and Pick-Lists

The list in the drop-down and the default view in the Pick-List is controlled by the "Pick-List View" field for the Page. See Page fields.


Last Modified: 1/8/2020

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