Searching is one of the most common and powerful tasks in MinistryPlatform.
The data grid on any given page of MinistryPlatform is designed to show the first 1000 records, and scrolling through records just isn't practical! As such, searching is an essential aspect of using MinistryPlatform. 
As a starting point, a basic search is a great option for quickly finding records with minimum input. The most straightforward search technique is to do an All Matches Search, in which you simply input a search term into the Search field. The records that return match the search term in any column. For example, the search term Brown in the picture below returns people whose last name is Brown and people who live on Brown Street. If the search term is wrapped in quotes, it will return only instances of "Brown" excluding variants such as Browne or Browning.

As you can imagine, this basic search can sometimes return many records. So while it's the most straightforward of the searching options, it can sometimes be the most cluttered if your search term is common to many records. To help you hone in on the record(s) you're trying to find, use the additional searching options detailed in the following pages. 

Video Topics: Searching Basics

0:24 - Default page views
1:31 - Searching using the drop down
2:48 - Using commas
3:50 - Using wildcards

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Last Modified: 7/9/2019

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