• A selection is a gathering of records that you've chosen.
  • A selection can be as small as one record or as large as all the records on a page.
  • Selections are "sticky;" in other words, a selection always stays on the page you made it on until you clear it.
  • Selections are user-specific; that is, selections you make can only be seen by you (unless you use the Transfer Selection Tool to copy the selection to another user).
  • Selections in sub-pages are record specific. In other words, a selection made in a subpage always stays on the record you made it on until you clear it, and it will not be accessible from another record.
  • Selections are static, so no records are added to or removed from a selection unless you actively do so.
  • The records in a selection reflect the latest-and-greatest info. For example, if a user updates the email address for one of the records in your selection, the selection reflects the new email address.
  • The selection count in the bottom right corner of your screen reflects the number of records in a given selection.

Making a Selection

First, remember: selections are sticky! If you previously made a selection on a page and are going to make another selection on that page, you should clear the initial selection unless you intentionally want to append the initial selection. Wondering if you already have a selection on a page? Check the bottom right corner of the screen; it reads 0 Selected if you don't have any records selected.

To select one or several records, click the box next to the record. A span of records may be selected by choosing the first record, holding the shift key, then selecting the last record. In this method, the first/last record and all records in-between will be selected. 

To select all records, click the box in the column header.

If you want to view only the records you've selected, choose Current/Unsaved Selection in the selection drop-down (pages in MinistryPlatform default to showing All Records).

Removing Records from a Selection

To remove records from a selection without clearing the entire selection, click the checkbox next to the record to unselect it.

Clearing a Selection

To clear a selection, choose your selection in the selection drop-down (it will be Current/Unsaved Selection unless you previously saved/named your selection). Then click Clear (next to the selection drop-down). Once you've cleared a selection, the selection count in the bottom right corner of your screen reads 0 Selected.

Saving a Selection

Saving a selection allows you to return to the selection at a later time.

To save a selection, choose Current/Unsaved Selection in the selection drop-down. Then click Save (next to the selection drop-down) and indicate information related to your desired Save Mode and click OK.

  • Append to Existing Selection is only available if at least one saved selection already exists. To do so, choose the desired selection in the Selection Name drop-down.
  • Create New Selection requires you to name the selection.

Upon saving your selection, the selected records clear from the grid view. But the selection is immediately accessible as an item in the selection drop-down list.

Remember: selections are static! If you saved a selection of your Usher Team last week and then someone joined the team this week, your selection does not include the new team member unless you append to the selection.

Exporting a Selection

Exporting your selection allows you to use the information outside of MinistryPlatform.

To export your selection, click the Export option at the top of the page:

Next indicate your desired Export Options: Current View exports the columns in the current view and Selection Records exports the columns in the All Records view. Then choose your Output Format, and click Export. A file will download for your use.

Transferring a Selection (Xfer)

The Xfer button is available on all pages and sub-pages, and is a way to move a selection from one page to another. There are many reasons transferring a selection might be useful, including taking advantage of page-specific reports or page-specific merge fields in the New Message Tool. 

To transfer your selection, click the Xfer option at the top of the page. 


Then indicate the selection name the desired page to transfer the selection to (the available pages vary based on the page your selection is currently on). 

As an alternate option, you can use the Transfer Selection Tool to transfer a selection. This tool has additional functionality that may be useful depending on your needs (e.g., selecting heads instead, creating missing records)

Note: If you are desiring to gather all the records associated with a Group, Event, Milestone, etc. you must start on one of the "People List" pages or open up the Group, Event, Milestone record and select all of the participants in the sub-page.

Using a Selection

Selections have a wide variety of uses. Using selections, you can:

  • Run reports. Any report that has "Selected" in the title will run the report on the selected records.
  • Email. The New Message Tool allows you to send an email to the selected records.
  • Map it out. The Map My Selection Tool allows you to see the selected records on a map.
  • Text. The Text Messaging Tool allows you to send an SMS to the mobile phone numbers of the selected records.
  • Move your selection. The Transfer Selection Tool allows you to move your selection to different pages of the Platform.
  • Refine your selection. The Trim Selection Tool allows you to hone in on the desired records by trimming out records that meet certain criteria.
  • Combine duplicates. The Combine Contacts Tool allows you to combine the selected records.
  • Inactivate records. The Inactivate Selected Contacts Tool allows you to inactivate the selected records.

Building a Complex Selection

At times, you may need to build a selection from several pages/areas of the system. The best way to do this is to utilize the "Transfer Selection Tool." This would allow you to create one selection of people who have attended multiple events, been participants in various or achieved certain milestones. The following would allow you to select participants from Groups and Events:

  • Start on on the Group Participants page.
  • Search for one group that you want to select. Select it.
  • Search for the next group, select that.
  • Continue searching for and selecting records until all appropriate Group Participants are selected.
  • Click on Tools > Transfer Selection.
  • Choose "Copy to another Page".
  • Give your selection a name.
  • Click on "Transfer".
  • Navigate to the Event Participants Page.
  • Search for one Event and select the participants.
  • Search for the next Event, select those participants.
  • Continue searching for and selecting records until all appropriate Event Participants are selected.
  • Click on Tools > Transfer Selection.
  • Choose "Add to an Existing Selection".
  • Choose the selection created above.
  • Click on Transfer.


Any empty selections will be cleared every night by the Data Quality Routine.


Last Modified: 4/29/2019

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