Sub-Page Actions

Once inside an open record, sub-pages are available inside the record. Sub-pages list pages/records that are related to the record you have open. You have a variety of actions available to you on the sub-page's toolbar. Toolbars vary by user based on the Security Roles that SPoCs have provided them, including varying from page to page.


Clicking New allows you to add a new record to that record's sub-page. This action allows you to add one record at a time.


Clicking Add allows you to add new records to that record's sub-page. This action allows you to add multiple records at a time.


Selecting a record on the sub-page and then clicking Delete allows you to delete the record in the sub-page. 

Delete with care! This is a powerful tool and should be used with extreme caution. Any data deleted from MinistryPlatform is completely gone. Recovering deleted data requires Professional Services and incurs a cost. As such, this functionality should be limited to users who are trained to use it wisely and correctly.

To use the Delete action:

  1. Open the desired record.
  2. Go to the desired sub-page, and select the desired record(s).
  3. Click Delete.
  4. In the pop-up window, the affected records are listed (if any). These records depend on the existence of the records you're deleting. Choose the appropriate radio button based on what you want to do with the dependent records:
    • Reassign: Allows you to choose a different record to associate the dependent records with.
    • Unassign: Allows you to keep the dependent records, but not have them associated with that you're deleting.
    • Delete: Deletes the dependent records.
  5. Click Delete.
  6. A pop-up window asks you to confirm the deletion. To proceed, click OK.
  7. The record is now deleted, any outstanding Tasks associated with the record is deleted and you are returned to the data grid.

The Delete action is also available on page's data grids and record toolbars. 


From an open sub-page record, you can simply click Print to print the details of that record. 

Layout (Grid, Images, Calendar, Gantt, Timeline)

Clicking the Layout drop-down allows you to change the Layout of the sub-page.


Clicking Refresh reloads the sub-page data so that most up-to-date information is reflected. 


Last Modified: 1/8/2020

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