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  • The Contact Log allows you to log contacts with people (e.g., visit made, call placed, mail sent). This is helpful for follow-up, historical record and information sharing among ministries. 
  • There are several options for making a Contact Log:
    • Use the Contact Log Tool,
    • Go to Communications > Contact Log > click New,
    • Open the desired Contact record > go to the Contact Log sub-page > click New, or
    • Click Quick Add > Contact Log.
  • The Contact Log can be leveraged with the My Calls Portal page.

Video Topics: The Contact Log

0:30 - Using Quick Add
1:15 - Contact Log Entry Assignment Task
2:22 - Subsequent Contacts Sub Page
3:02 - Contact Log Page

Emails sent from MinistryPlatform are logged in the Message Log. The video above assumes a Process is active for the Contact Log page (like the default Future Contact Log Entry Process).

The Contact Log & My Calls

Contact Log records marked as part of a Planned Contact can be assigned and updated via the My Calls page of the Portal. Here is an example of what that might look like:

  1. A Contact Log record is created by the Contact Log Tool. (e.g., record "A", success = null)
  2. A person picks up the call on the My Calls page. (A is updated)
  3. A person successfully completes the call. (A is updated, successful = true)
  4. If there is another call in the Planned Contact, then a new Contact Log record is created automatically upon completion of Step 3. (e.g., record "B")
  5. A person picks up the call on the My Calls page. (B is updated)
  6. A person is not able to complete the call and provides a follow-up date. Record B is updated, successful = false, and a new Contact Log record is created for the callback date provided. (e.g., record "C")

The Contact Log & MP Mobile

Contact Log records are created in the Platform from the MP Mobile app's Contact page:

  • Emailing a Contact.
  • Texting a Contact.
  • Manually adding a contact. (e.g. an in-person meeting)

Responding to a Prayer Requests from the MP Mobile app also creates Contact Log records in the Platform. These Contact Log records will be linked to the related Feedback Entry record in the Platform.

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Last Modified: 1/14/2020

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