Data Quality Views

There are numerous page views throughout the system that when used on a regular basis help keep your data clean. These views are available to anyone assigned to the Data Quality User Group. Below is a list of views and the explanation of what they show.

Contacts Page

  • Fix: 2 Donor Records — This view will show any Contact with more than one Donor record.
    See also Troubleshooting Donor Problems (Scenario #2)
  • Fix: 2 Participant Records — This view will show any Contact with more than one Participant record.
    See also Participant FAQ Q1
  • Fix: 2 User Records — This view will show any Contact with more than one User record.
    See also User FAQ Q2
  • Fix: Family of Participant — Shows active Contacts who have household members who are participants but they do not yet have a Participant record. To fix the issue, Participant Records can be created automatically by selecting the records on the Contacts page, clicking Tools > Transfer Selection, copy the records to the Participant page and make sure that "Create Missing Records" is checked.
  • Fix: Household Position — Lists active Contacts that do not have a Household position. These Contacts should be given a Household position.
  • Fix: Make Adult Child — Lists all Contacts who are 18 or older who are listed as a Minor Child. Use the Assign Tool to change their Household position to "Adult Child," OR you can move them to a new Household and make them Head of Household.
  • Fix: Make Head — These individuals are over 18 years old, are the oldest member of their household and that household is without a head of house. Their Household Position should be set to Head of Household.
  • Fix: Make Minor Child — Individuals who are under 18 and do not have a Household Position. Their Household Position should be set to Minor Child.
  • Fix: Mismatched People — Contacts whose associated Participant, Donor, or User record do not refer back to this Contact or there are multiple records referring back to this Contact.
  • Fix: Mobile Phone — Proper formatting is 000-000-0000 all other formats will be visible and should be fixed.
  • Fix: Name Missing — Lists all Contacts who are Companies with an empty Company Name field or who are Individuals with an empty First Name or Nickname field.
  • Fix: Proper Case — Will show any Contact whose name is entered in all CAPS or all lower case.
  • Fix: Same Email No Relationship — These Contacts have the same email but are not related (either in the same Household, no Household, or with some other relationships).
  • Fix: Male with Female Title — Will show Contacts with a gender of Male, but a Female title (e.g. Miss).

Contact Relationships Page

  • Fix: Related to Self — Shows any person with a relationship with themselves. A person should not be related to themselves. These records can be deleted. 

Events Page

  • Fix: Assign Participants — These Events contain Default Contacts. Each Event should be opened and the Assign Participant Tool should be used to assign any Default Records to the appropriate Contacts. 

Event Participants

  • Fix Group or Group Participant — Shows any discrepancies between the Group Participant and Group associated records with the Event Participant record. Best practice reminder: The Group Participant and Group associated records should not be manually added to the Event Participant record as this value is set by registering through the Portal or checking into the Check In Suite.
  • Fix: Reassign Participants — Shows any Default Contacts that should be reassigned to Participant records.

Group Participants Page

  • Fix: Multiple Grade Groups — These individuals are in two age or grade groups. 
  • Fix: End Date Needed — Three types of people are listed in this view:
    • Someone who is current in a group that has been ended.
    • Someone who is current in a group but they are inactive.
    • Someone who is current in a group, but they are deceased. Each of these records should be reviewed and corrected.
  • Fix: Past Group End Date — Will show any Group Participants who do not have an end date who are in a Group with an End date.

Households Page

  • Fix: Home Phone — Proper formatting is 000-000-0000 all other formats will be visible and should be fixed. 
  • Fix: Too Many Heads — Households should have no more than 2 heads. Review all Contact Households and correct.
  • Fix: Review Household Name — Households where the Household name is not the same as the last name of the head of house. Review and edit names as needed.
  • Fix: Review Last Congregation — Use this view to compare the congregation to which a Household is assigned with their recent activity. If much of the Household's recent activity took place at an alternate campus, consider using Mass Assign to update the Household's congregation. Only Households with at least one active individual will be listed. If the activity log is not being regularly updated this view will return no records. 

See also: Household Data Quality Views

Participants Page
  • Fix: Add Participant End Date — Shows any Participants whose Contact records have been marked Inactive or Deceased whose Participant record is not end dated. Use the Audit log on the Contact page to determine the date the Contact was marked Deceased or Inactive and update the Participant record accordingly.
  • Fix: Companies to Remove — Shows any Contact record that is marked as a Company that has Participant record. Companies should not have Participant records.
    See also Participant FAQ Q2.
  • Fix: Review Continued Activity — This view leverages data in the activity log to identify participants whose Contact Status is inactive or deceased whose activity log indicates that a member of their Household (HH) may still be participating or listed as participating in your church. In order for any record to appear on this view, the activity log must have been updated within the past 10 days. In order for an individual to appear on this view, they must have a participant end date and a member of their Household must have activity in the past 30 days.
  • Fix: Review Last Activity Date — Use this view to determine if a Participant record should be inactivated due to lapse in activity. Search and select records to change then use the Inactivate Tool.
  • Fix: Review Recent Activity — Use this view to see which Participants are actively engaged in the church. It can help you change Participant Types from values like guest or visitor to attendee. 
Donors Page
  • Fix: Mark as Complete — This view shows all pledges that have been paid in full. These should be updated to complete. 
Program Groups Page
  • Fix: Assign End Dates — These Program Groups should be end dated as their correlating Group record has been end dated.
Scheduled Donations
  • Fix: Not 9 Digit Routing — Will show any Scheduled Donation record where the routing number is not 9 digits long.
  • Fix: Duplicate Unfiltered Pages — This condition can cause various problems and this view will help when troubleshooting.
User Group Users
  • Fix: Users with no Security Role — This view shows Users in a User Group without a Security Roles so that you can remove those Users who do not need to be in a User Group any longer.



Last Modified: 2/13/2019

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