Exporting Deposits to Accounting Systems


  • Once your Deposit is created, you can export the information to your accounting system.
  • Each Deposit record in MinistryPlatform has an Exported status. Initially, this value is set to False. The value should be changed to True once the Deposit is recorded in the accounting system:
    • The export field on the Deposit is set to True automatically when the Deposit Export Tool or a routine is used. 
    • The export field on the Deposit is set to True manually when:
      • The Deposit is created manually in the accounting system;
      • The Deposits are already reflected in the accounting system; or
      • The Deposits does not need to be reflected in the accounting system (e.g., non-cash gifts or adjustments with no general ledger impact). 
  • Before you export the Deposit information, be sure to have the receipt from your bank confirming your deposit was made, as well as the amount of the deposit.



Last Modified: 3/31/2018

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