Export Deposits to Intacct

A report and custom fields can be added to your MinistryPlatform system to allow you to create a file that creates debits and credits for Intacct journal entries. If you want this functionality added to your system, a SPoC can contact Support and request this as a Professional Services project.

Initial Setup

A SPoC must complete some initial setup for this functionality to work. If a new Program, Bank or Congregation is added in the future, this process must be repeated for the new additions. 
  1. Go to Lookup Values > Banks and populate the Account Number field.
  2. Go to Church Structure > Congregations and populate the Intacct Location field.
  3. Go to Church Structure > Programs and populate the Account Number field.
  4. Go to Events and populate the Project Code field on any desired Events.
Once these fields are populated, you can test your setup as follows:
  • MinistryPlatform creates a CSV file that you can use as many times as necessary to load in Intacct if it doesn't work the first time. If you are familiar with Intacct and what information the file needs, you can look at the file to verify it before importing to Intacct.
  • We do not recommend testing with a Deposit that's already been exported and used in your legacy or current financial system.
  • If you need to know what fields take precedence over others, click here.

Exporting to Intacct

  1. Go to Stewardship > Deposits.
  2. Make sure you have 0 Selected on the Deposits page.
  3. Change your view to Ready to Export.
  4. Select all the Deposits in the Ready to Export view, and change your Selection drop-down to Current/Unsaved Selection to confirm your selection.
  5. If desired, run any preliminary reports for this selection of Deposits. 
  6. Click Reports > Selected Deposit Intacct Export:
    • Select the Bank account.
    • Click View Report.
    • Review the on-screen report.
    • If the report is correct, click the Prepare Export link in the report.
    • Export the results to a CSV.
  7. Import to Intacct as a Cash Receipts Journal.
Note: We have an "Other Receipts" import available upon request. 

Last Modified: 7/9/2020

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