Working with Donations


  • A Donation record in MinistryPlatform stores information about a financial gift. 
  • For online donations, credit and debit card numbers are not stored by the MinistryPlatform system even if they were accidentally returned to the MinistryPlatform system by the payment processor. The MinistryPlatform system only stores transaction ID/confirmation information.

How Terms & Concepts Relate to Each Other

Donation Distributions make Donations. Donations make Batches. Batches make Deposits.

Donation Record Fields

Asterisk (*) indicate required fields:
  • Donor*: The Donor assigned credit for the Donation.
  • Donation Amount*: Total of the Donation (should match sum of Distributions).
  • Donation Date*: Date of Donation (if from Batch Manager Tool, the original Setup Date).
  • Payment Type*: Type of payment (check, cash, credit card, stock, etc.).
  • Item Number: If from the Batch Manager Tool, the check number read during scanning.
  • Batch: Batch that this Donation is apart of.
  • Notes: If entered from the Batch Manager Tool, the Memo. If from Online Giving, name and address information captured during check out. Or notes manually added by User.
  • 3rd Party Memo: Notes from 3rd Party integrations such as PushPay, OGO, etc. This field could be leveraged by a church that doesn't use the MP portal for Online Giving to import "notes" information currently collected by a third party. Note: Population of this field is dependent on 3rd party integration setup and not Think Ministry.
  • Donor Account: The Donor Account record that matches the account and routing numbers with the Donor.
  • Anonymous: If True, Donor asked to remain anonymous. Set manually by User unless Donor requested as part of Mission Trip giving.
  • Transaction Code:
  • Subscription Code:
  • Gateway Response:
  • Processed:
  • Currency: Currency of the Donation.
  • Receipted*:
  • Invoice Number:
  • Receipt Number:
  • Original MICR: If from the Batch Manager Tool, the MICR details captured during scanning. Needed for matching the Donor to their Donor Account. Also needed for debugging if not parsed to populate the account, routing, and item number fields.
  • OCR Data: If from the Batch Manager Tool, the OCR details captured during scanning. Needed for creating new Donor record if no Donor Account is matched.
  • Position: If from the Batch Manager Tool, the order the check was scanned in the Batch.
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Last Modified: 5/3/2018

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