Making Corrections

General Ledger Impact

When a correction is needed to a Donation, it is important to determine if that correction has an impact to the General Ledger. If an impact is expected, then it is important to make a new Donation record that is part of a new Batch and a new Deposit. Learn how to resolve many common scenarios in these KB articles:
Example: A donor reviewed his statement and indicated that 3 gifts of $100 each were credited to the wrong ministry Program. The donor is requesting that the Donations be corrected. Since each Program credits a different income account on the church’s General Ledger, there is General Ledger impact to this change. However, there is no impact to the church bank account. Therefore a $0 Donation record is entered with a $300 Distribution to the correct program and a $-300 Distribution to the incorrect program. This Donation is added to a Deposit and exported to the accounting system.

No General Ledger Impact

Certain corrections to Donations have no impact on the General Ledger. These corrections do not affect the church bank account or the income accounts credited by the original Donation. There are dozens of situations where a minor change is called for that has no General Ledger impact. Learn how to resolve many common scenarios here.
Example: An error was made such that 10 Donations were credited to John Smith Jr. that should have gone to John Smith Sr. A member of the donation team with rights to edit data on the Donations page can easily re-assign those 10 Donation records. That same individual can re-assign the Donor Account record (checking and routing number) associated with John Smith Jr. that has been causing Donations to automatically be assigned to “Jr.” that should have gone to “Sr.” 

Video Topics: Working with Donations - Making Corrections

0:26 - Correction with GL Impact
3:29 - Correction with No GL Impact

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