GL Corrections

This article describes how to make a correction when there is an impact to General Ledger.
Recommended Approach - Step-by-Step – Actionable Report
  1. Select the Donation Distributions to adjust/correct on the Donation Distributions page.
  2. Choose current/unsaved selection in the selections drop-down.
  3. Review the selected Distributions, if they are correct, click Reports > Adjust Selected Distributions.
  4. Set the required parameters and click View Report.
  5. Review the resulting report and click Adjust Selected Distributions.
  6. Go to Stewardship > Donations where you find one $0 donation per Donor reflected in step 1 above. Review those Donations and create a Batch for them via the normal process. 

Optional Approach - Step-by-Step - Manually

Create a Manual Donation for $0.
Create two offsetting Distribution records ($0 total) as described above.
Create a Batch and Deposit record for this $0 donation and export it to your accounting system. 

Related Processes
A similar approach can be taken for any Donation that must be entered into MinistryPlatform that does not need to be exported to the accounting system.
NSF Checks
Handling an NSF check requires creating an offsetting entry in MinistryPlatform and then processing that entry through to the GL system so that a negative deposit is created that matches the withdrawal that appears on the Bank Statement. Read more here.
Using the Batch Manager Tool
Create a Batch with a negative total and enter a negative donation with a negative designation offsetting the correct program. The Batch often contains only one item since NSF checks are generally recorded by the bank separately. In a rare occasion, two might be recorded together.
Using the 'Copy Selected Donation' Actionable Report
  1. Go to the Donations Page.
  2. Ensure you have no current selections.
  3. Select the Donation or Donations that need to be reversed.
  4. Click Reports > Copy Selected Donations.
  5. Set the Donation Date and set the option to Reverse Amounts to Yes (NSF/Correction).
  6. Click View Report.
  7. Review the report if the information is correct click the Copy these Donations link.
The copy of the donation appears in the Ready for a Batch view of the Donations page where it can be assembled into a Batch according to the normal processes used for items like online donations. 

Last Modified: 9/24/2020

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