NSF Donations

There are two approaches to NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) Donations. Either method results in both entries (original Donation and correcting entry) appearing on the Donor's statement. When you create the correction, you can put something (like ADJ or CORR) in the Item Number field, as this prints on the Donor statement and might help the Donor understand/remember.

Option 1: Copy/Reverse the original entry in the Platform

  1. Go to Stewardship > Donations.
  2. Clear any selections.
  3. Find and select the Donation(s) on the Donations page. (You may copy as many NSF Donations at one time as desired, but you would generally Batch them individually, as they appear as separate journal entries on your bank statement.)
  4. View Current/Unsaved Selected.
  5. Click Reports > Copy Selected Donation.
  6. Input a Deposit Date.
  7. Set Reverse Amounts to Yes.
  8. Click View Report.
  9. Review the report and click Copy These Donations.
  10. Close the report and refresh the Donations page.
  11. The newly copied Donations are in the 2. Ready for a Batch view and should be processed in the same manner as online donations.

Option 2: Create and process a new BMT batch with a negative entry

  1. Create a Batch in the BMT.
  2. Add a negative Donation record.
  3. Add negative Distribution records in the same amounts as the original donations.
  4. Process the Batch normally.

"Re-Depositing" NSF Donations

MinistryPlatform does not currently have a "re-deposit" feature. For handling a returned check, follow the instructions above. Then, to "re-deposit" it, process the check as you normally would in the BMT.

Last Modified: 5/3/2018

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