Transferring Donations

Reassign Donations

If you wish to transfer or re-assign Donations from one Donor to another follow the steps indicated here.

Scanned Checks Associated with the Wrong Donor

If a check was originally scanned and associated to the wrong family member who lived at the same address (and this was not caught in the beginning), all checks subsequently scanned having the same account and routing number is automatically associated to the same family member. For example, checks should have gone to the grandfather, but are going to the grandson. In this scenario, it's important to remember that the Donor Account record is different than Donor record. To remedy, you need to:
  1. Find the Donor Account record (Stewardship > Donor Accounts) that belongs to the grandson's Donor record.
  2. Change the Donor to the grandfather's Donor record (from the grandson's).
  3. If this results in a duplicate Donor Account record for the grandfather, a MinistryPlatform routine combines it within the next few days.
These duplicate Donor Account records only merge if they're assigned to the same Donor record, have the same account number, and have the same routing number.

Mission Trips

See Mission Trip Donation Entry for details about transfers related to Mission Trips.

Last Modified: 11/20/2019

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