Manual Entry Donations

To enter a donation manually via MinistryPlatform:
  1. Go to Stewardship > Donations > New.
  2. Complete the information for the Donation.
    • Input all required fields. (If the Donor is not found immediately, select the “***Default Contact” for now, type any information about the donor into the notes field. Refer to the Assign Donor process to find or create a Donor.
    • Input the Item Number, if desired.
    • Do not complete the Batch at this time. 
  3. Click Save. The record returns to a read-only display and a sub-page called Distributions appears. 
  4. Click New on the Distributions sub-page to create at least one distribution to indicate how the donor wishes the funds to be used.
  5. Click Save on the new Distribution, then click Close.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for any additional Distributions the donor has indicated. Make sure the sum of the Distribution amounts is the same as the Donation Amount.
  7. Once all Distributions have been completed, close the Donation record.
  8. Create any additional Donations following steps 1-7:
    • For manually adding recurring Donations, you can use the Copy action and set the appropriate recurrence pattern. However, this should only be done if the recurring Donation is already set up in, but needs to be added to the Platform due to an error.
  9. Review the Donations you've entered. Pay special attention to the Donation Amount and Distribution Amount fields to ensure they are the same.

Last Modified: 5/3/2018

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