Online Donations

Online donations come from either the Online Giving page or the Mission Trip Giving page of the Portal. This section explains how to handle exceptions and issues that arise in relation to online donations.

Video Topics: Online Giving Processing

0:25 - Online Giving Page
1:22 - Mission Trip Giving Page
2:17 - Processing Online Donations in the Platform
3:05 - Assign Donor Tool
5:11 - Create Batch From Selected Donations Report
6:10 - Assisting a Donor

One-Time Donations

When a one-time donation is made, the transaction is sent to Authorize.Net and the Donation is recorded in MinistryPlatform with the Authorize.NET transaction code. That donation needs to be batched with other Donations of the same type according to the Authorize.Net settlement reports for that day.

Recurring Donations

When a recurring donation is made:
  • Authorize.Net authorizes the card to make sure it's valid and has available funds (they don't charge it until the first Donation in the recurring series).
  • Authorize.Net creates an ARB Subscription (Automatic Recurring Billing) and assigns an ARB Subscription Code to the series.
  • Authorize.NET tells MinistryPlatform that the authorization was successful and gives the ARB Subscription Code. As such, the message is driven by Authorize.NET.
  • Based on the gift's end date, MinistryPlatform calculates the dates of each Donation in the series and creates all Donation records for the series in the database. Each Donation record has its own ARB Subscription Code value on its record so it can be easily reconciled at the appropriate time. If you decide at some point to discontinue Authorize.Net, your recurring Donations setup as ARB entries stop.
It is important to remember that MinistryPlatform does not have a continual connection with Authorize.Net. This means MinistryPlatform does not know if each gift is eventually processed, declined mid-way through the series, etc. It is the responsibility of your accounting team to reconcile the Authorize.Net statements with MinistryPlatform.
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Last Modified: 3/7/2019

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