Process Overview

Donation processing differs depending on the Donation's entry into MinistryPlatform. Here is a general overview.

Check & Cash Scanning Process:
  1. Batch the Donations while counting.
  2. Scan, balance and end processing day in the Batch Manager Tool.
  3. Finish distributing the imported Donations.
  4. Finalize the Batches.
  5. Assemble the Batches into Deposits.
  6. Export Deposits to the accounting system.
MinistryPlatform Portal Donation Process:
(Online giving through the church website)
  1. The Public Portal creates the Donation record and Distribution record(s).
  2. Batch the Donations (a Deposit record is also created).
  3. Export Deposits to the accounting system.
Manual Entry Process in MinistryPlatform Donations Page (rare):
  1. Create the Donation.
  2. Distribute the Donation in the sub-page by clicking New.
  3. Batch the Donation.
  4. Export the Deposits to the accounting system.
Appearance on Contribution Statement
Regardless of the manner in which a Donation is entered into MinistryPlatform, a few things MUST be true in order for that Donation to show on a Donor’s contribution statement:
  1. The Donation must be distributed to a tax-deductible Program.
  2. The Donation must be part of a Batch.
  3. The Donation must be properly dated and credited to the individual or entity who gave the money to the church.

Last Modified: 5/3/2018

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