• Equipment is a record for equipment available as part of an Event.
  • Common Equipment may be chairs, tables, projectors, whiteboards, etc..
  • Equipment can be associated with various Events.
  • Equipment records can be created/edited in Facilities > Equipment.
  • For Equipment that isn't tied to a specific Room, we recommend creating a "Mobile" Room and associate all your mobile Equipment with it.


Equipment Name*: The friendly name for your Equipment.
Date Acquired*: Date Equipment was acquired.
Equipment Type: The type of Equipment it is (chair, table, etc.), Equipment Type values can be edited in System Lookups.
Room*: The Room associated with the Equipment, where the Equipment is available.
Model Name: Optional tracking of model information.
Serial NumberOptional tracking of serial number.
Inventory NumberOptional tracking of inventory number.
Bookable: Set to Yes if you want this Equipment available for Users to reserve.
Separately InsuredOptional tracking of insured status.
Purchase PriceOptional tracking of purchase price.
Date Retired: Optional date for tracking end of use.
Equipment Coordinator: The staff or volunteer who oversees the use of the Equipment.
Auto Approve: Set to Yes if you want the reservation of the Service to skip any approval Process.
Quantity: The quantity of this piece of equipment that exists (e.g. there are 5 portable dry erase boards). This should be used for identical equipment to reduce duplicate Equipment records. This field is required.

Last Modified: 11/20/2018

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