Facility Management FAQs

Q1: I'm reserving several rooms for one event. How can I ensure that the equipment I'm also reserving goes to the correct room?
You could consider adding the detail to the Notes field. A SPoC could also work with Professional Services to add a Room Name and/or Room Number field to the Equipment page.
Q2: How do I cancel a reservation?
Open the desired reservation record, click Edit, change Cancelled = True, click Save. A trigger will update the description. To cancel an Event and all related reservations, see this KB.
Q3: How can I prevent my users from booking rooms when the facility is closed?
You can add a recurring event for "Facility Closed" and add all of the rooms not available during these times to those Events. Then the users would see that the rooms are not available when they create their events.
Note: This would not prevent users from requesting rooms during this time, but it would show these times as "already booked" in the various views users should be using to book these rooms.
Q4: How does approval for Rooms or Services relate to approval Processes for Events?
It is recommended for an Event to trigger one Process with two steps:
  1. Tentative Approval
  2. Final Approval

If other aspects of the Event need approval such as Rooms or Services, they will need their own approval Process. Rooms and Services, as relates to Events, are considered "child records". Processes for child records occur concurrently with the Event Process, and cannot be triggered to start based on when an Event Process is completed. It is recommended to let most rooms be approved with Tentative/Final and only have separate Processes for very special rooms. See Event Approval and Event Room Approval for more information.


Last Modified: 1/3/2020

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