Facility Management - From the Trenches

MinistryPlatform is flexible, and there are several different ways to approach a topic. Here are examples of how some churches in our community handle this topic. Adapt MinistryPlatform's functionality and these ideas to fit your ministry context.

Here are some recommended things to consider when using MP for facility management from one church who uses it heavily:

  • Use Auto Approve as much as possible, then manage any double bookings as needed. 

  • Ensure that you know what reports should be run, by whom and when. If possible, use data-driven subscriptions to send appropriate room/facility reports to those who need them.

  • Use the Cancelled field on the Event, and train staff to understand how and when to use it. 

  • Set up user roles so that they have the appropriate rights to add Events, Rooms and Services via Quick Add.

  • Use the Double Booked rooms view. Train all users to use this view and ensure that your building manager is very comfortable with using this view and working with those who need to resolve conflicts.

  • Add vehicles that can be reserved as a resource to a "parking lot" or similar room. 

  • Train users to use Quick Add to easily create an event and quickly add rooms, resources and/or services.

  • A Room is required for equipment, but for equipment that is not room-specific, you can create a default catch-all “room” to tie the equipment to. For example, if you have a TV on a cart that can be moved from room to room as needed. Instead of creating a separate Equipment record for every Room record for the TV, create one TV equipment record and assign to your catch-all room.

You may benefit from developing custom processes and views for this, like a view that adds all room numbers to the event page, or a process that alerts a certain staff member when an event is canceled.

Creating A Reservation for Multiple Spaces

Start by making a copy of the Available Rooms view and adding, "AND Building_ID_Table.[Building_ID] = 3", at the end of the Filter/View Clause. Instead of 3, use whatever the building ID is for your building. If you're grouping rooms by a defined space within a building, such as a Chapel, then, add this to the filter clause: Rooms.[Room_ID] IN (7,8,9). Instead of 7,8,9 use the Room_ID of the rooms that often are reserved together. This way, they will only see the rooms in that building that are available for them to book. This way if someone is doing an event reservation, they can choose "Add" under Rooms, then, choose the square box to the right of the rooms field (this puts them on the rooms page) and use the drop down box to choose the view that shows them just the available rooms in a particular building or space.

Offering Childcare Services

Childcare may be necessary for certain Events. Based on your church's procedures, that childcare element may need to be approved before being offered to the public. Many factors go into to determining how to handle childcare, including whether there are multiple child care services per event. Instead of using a Service for childcare, one church has opted to create a Childcare section with custom fields on their event table:

  • Childcare needed
  • Meals served
  • Walk-ins permitted
  • Children Expected
  • Childcare Approved

A Process then creates a Task for the Childcare Coordinator to approve or disapprove the Childcare request. The Process updates the Childcare Approved field upon completion. This childcare Process should be separate from any Event approval Process so that it can trigger only when childcare is requested. See Q4 for more information about how Event approvals relate to Room and Service approvals.



Last Modified: 9/1/2020

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