• A Location is a record for the physical location of an Event.
  • Typically at least each campus/site has a Location.
  • A Location might have multiple Buildings.
  • Location records can be created/edited in Facilities > Locations.
  • Locations can also be used for Care Cases to manage where Contacts may be receiving care, such as a hospital or hospice facility. 
  • Locations must have an address and the address must include a street address.


Location Name*: The friendly name for your Location.
Congregation: Optional value to ensure Users are limited to Locations allowed by with Global Filter permissions. 
Description: A brief description of your Location.
Location Type*: The type of Location it is (owned, rented, etc.). Location Type values can be edited in System Lookups.
Address*: The physical address of the Location. Note:  All address fields must be populated for the address to show on the Portal on the event to which the location record is attached.
Move In Date: Optional date for tracking move in.
Move Out Date: Optional date for tracking move out.
Phone: The phone number of the Location.

Last Modified: 9/11/2019

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