• A Room is a record for the specific space within a Building.
  • Typically each Building has multiple Rooms.
  • Rooms are associated with Events.
  • Room records can be created/edited in Facilities > Rooms.
  • If a Room can handle multiple Events at once, you should create multiple Room records for the same Room so each can be reserved separately.


  • Room Name*: the friendly name for the Room.
  • Room Number: the number associated with the Room.
  • Building*: the Building the Room is located in.
  • Description: a brief description of the Room.
  • Maximum Capacity: the maximum number of people the Room can safely accommodate. Reported on against actual attendance in the Check-In Admin Console.
  • Default Room Layout: the standard layout for this Room, if no other request is made.
  • Room Usage Type: the type of Room it is (office, classroom, etc.). Room Usage Type values can be edited in System Lookups.
  • Bookable: set to Yes for the Room to be available for reservations. 
  • Last Remodel Date: optional date for tracking remodels.
  • Parent Room: another room that this Room is "under" or part of.  Corresponds to Sub Room sub-page. 
  • Auto Approve: set to Yes for the Room to skip any approval process. Room Auto Approval depends on system configuration and proper procedures for staff members when creating and submitting Events for approval. See Event Room Approval.
  • Print Server: The print server mapped to this Room. These mappings are managed in the Check-In Admin Console.
  • Printer Name: The print name mapped to this Room. These mappings are managed in the Check-In Admin Console.

Last Modified: 7/7/2019

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