The Feedback Entries page in MinistryPlatform is found in the Communications section.  Feedback Entries are most commonly used for prayer requests, praises or comments.

Feedback Entries can be added via:

Feedback Entries can be organized by Feedback Type.

Some other creative ways churches have used Feedback Entries:

  • Noting returned/undeliverable mail
  • Documenting salvation stories

Feedback Entry Fields

  • Contact*: The Contact providing the feedback.
  • Entry Title*: A brief title summarizing the feedback.
  • Feedback Type*: The type of feedback (e.g. Prayer, Praise, Suggestion, etc.).
  • Program: An optional field to connect this feedback to a specific ministry effort (Program).
  • Date Submitted*: The date this feedback was provided.
  • Visibility Level*: The visibility level of this feedback affects MobileTools Prayer visibility and can be used for views, filtered pages, etc. Note: This field does not impact MP Mobile (iOS or Android) Prayer Request visibility.
  • Description: The detailed feedback provided.
  • Ongoing Need: Optional field to indicate if this feedback is ongoing (e.g. long-term illness). Can be used for views, processes, etc. Setting to True, gives the request an "in progress" status in MP Mobile (iOS or Android).
  • Assigned To: An optional field to assign a person this feedback for follow up. This field causes no changes, nor does it make the record visible to the assignee on MobileTools/Prayer.
  • Care Outcome: An optional field to track the status of follow up for this feedback. Setting to Closed-Success gives the request a "closed" status in MP Mobile (iOS or Android).
  • Outcome Date: An optional field to track the date the outcome above was updated.
  • Approved*: A field to track if this feedback has been approved or not. Can be managed in MobileTools Prayer and can be used for views, processes, etc.

Managing Feedback Entries:

  • Feedback Entries can be searched and responded to via the MP Mobile app (iOS or Android). Responses are linked to the related Feedback Entry on the Contact Log record. See the iOS or Android KB for details.
  • You may want to create views based on the Visibility Level. This will enable you to create selections based on the visibility level and then print reports.
  • If you want to ensure that only certain users are able to access certain visibility levels, you may want to create one of more Filtered Pages.

Last Modified: 12/27/2019

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