Working with Journeys and Milestones


  • A Milestone is an important date or accomplishment by a church participant. Generally, this important date/accomplishment has meaning many months and years from the date it takes place. Sometimes it's a prerequisite for other accomplishments/milestones:
    • Common Milestones include salvation decision, baptism, church membership date and approved to serve.
  • A Journey is a collection of Milestones; that is, the general category that similar Milestones are collected into.
    • Common Journeys include spiritual formation, assimilation, application to serve.
  • You can create your own Journeys and Milestones based on your church context.
  • Journeys and Milestones are often used to track guests through the assimilation process (see video for an example).
  • You can view who has which Milestone by going to either:
    • Milestones page > open desired Milestone > Participants sub-page, or
    • People Lists > Milestones Assigned.

Video Topics: Guest Follow Up

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1:05 - The Connection Card Tool
2:05 - Sending a Guest Letter
3:22 - Selected Reports
3:53 - Providing Follow Up

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